Set Goals And Aim High

Setting goalsWe all have dreams and this can only be achieved by perseverance. Thinking about goals is simple. You can list all your goals but attaining each of it takes a long process. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to buy a mansion or travel around the world? Think twice because some of it is impractical, unattainable, and time consuming.

When setting a goal, consider the possibilities and consequences. Is your dream realistic? Are you capable of achieving it? Action speaks louder than words. Don’t just talk and hope. Have a goal and focus on it by doing it step by step. Example, if your goal is a job promotion, then you should please your boss and do your work appropriately. Stop getting to work late or missing deadlines.

Listed are some strategies you can achieve your goals:

Dedication is the root of accomplishments

Committing to your goals will set your mind in focus. You may have a goal but without dedication, nothing happens. Make sure that you choose the right goals. Will it contribute much to your life status? Will it change you as a better person? Asking yourself the importance of your goal leads to a fixed commitment.

Learn to refuse

We have the tendency to put others first before our own good. We are afraid of saying “no” to others because we feel guilty about rejecting their offer. Even if we have a busy schedule, we often say “yes” when it comes to our time, presence, talent and skills. Learning to refuse others sometimes can give you more time in reaching your goal. You learn to prioritize when it comes to decisions. Here are some wakeup call tips for those who can’t say “No”:

  • Count the times you said yes and no. If you have more “yes” as an answer, then it’s time to change.
  • Divide your time well. Make most of your time attaining your goals.
  • Set limitations for yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Take time to rest and don’t exert too much effort when you can’t handle it anymore.
  • Ask help from others. No man is an island. You need other people like family and friends to reach your goal.
  • Set priorities.
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From Broad, to Specific

It would be confusing if your goal is too broad. You need to specify it to have a clear attention of each part. Saying that you will only eat fruits in the morning and limit intake of carbohydrates is better than saying you want to lose weight. Make your goals successful from the start and easy to reach. Take note of your activities and performances to keep track of your achievements.

Your instincts may be best for you

How do you perceived things? What do you really feel?Intuitions are often right. Be positive in everything you do. Remember that little steps toward a goal take a long way. When making decisions, rely on your perception. Most people have been successful because they have developed working on their intuition.

Confidence is a tool towards success

Your intention with regards to your goal matters most. Picture about what’s positive. Thinking of failure will cause you to fail more. Focus on the goal that is beneficial to you. It should have an impact in your mental, physical, and spiritual being.

Mark success in your mind

Picture yourself in your goal. Think that you can reach your goal. Don’t let negative vibes affect you. Fulfill your goal by what your mind sees you to be.

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