Healthy Blog Needs Backlinks Juice From High PageRank Sites

Google PageRankHealth bloggers have amassed wealth on the back of backlinks, and these are not even expensive medicines. Nor are they names for skeletal parts.

For the information of Luddites, a backlink refers to a clickable text or image that links to your web page. Therefore, it “links back” to you. You are even bound to come across a few in this article, which are easily distinguishable by their highlighting.

A backlink is made by way of an HTML code that connects to the web page. The most basic way of creating one is by encoding an [a]nchor tag with a [h]yperlink [ref]erence:

<a href=””>Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine</a>

So now you wonder why a backlink should matter to you. Well, it should matter to just about anyone who has so much as a pretension to owning a website or writing a blog. Getting backlinks, also known as inbound links, is imperative if you want your site to get a wider exposure.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of search engine Google, are instrumental in making the backlink an important concept in website promotion. They developed a way for Google to check more than 200 “signals” to determine the web page ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). So PageRank was born, through which Google has been able to size up any web page’s value and authority.

Defining PageRank

PageRank, simply known as PR, may have a science behind it but you need not throw 20 years of your life studying it—just less if you’re interested. For noobs, just think of PR as a popularity contest. Put simply, PageRank is just high school.

As is the case with high school popularity contests, PageRank determines which websites command authority and carry more weight. Google has won this competition outright, getting the highest PR of them all (um, probably by default). Google is like the football jock, chased by many admirers in a school called the Internet.

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PR is measured on a scale of N/A to PR10. The former would be the rank of a web page if Google has not estimated its PR yet.

How does Google compute PageRank? You guessed it: by way of the almighty backlink. To calculate the PR of a web page, Google counts how many backlinks connect to it. PageRank is automatically computed with every backlink made.

You may say PageRanking works like juice, “link juice” as it were. Link juice, also known as “link flow,” means the authority or value one site passes to another. Picture any web page as a pitcher, its outbound links representing the spout and other holes. Every time it links to another, a web page essentially passes on some “juice.”

If you want to give the maximum amount of juice to another web page, then you only have to make a minimum amount of links to it. Contrarily, you let this juice flow to a trickle if your pitcher has many holes, i.e. links.

Remember the concept of the “pitcher” when scouring for backlinks from other web pages. It is best if you get minimal outbound links from the same page. If that page has too many going to yours, chances are you would not get heavy link flow.

This is exactly why you should not get backlinks from so-called “link farms.” These are web pages pocked with lots of holes, i.e. links, to artificially increase the PR of another. Link farms themselves have low PR, one of several penalties Google slaps on this kind of sites.

Nevertheless, some sites have lots of outbound links yet Google doesn’t reduce their PR. For instance, Squidoo has quite a high PR even though it has innumerable links flowing from it to other web pages. From this you may infer that PR is just like the high school principal. It esteems some websites highly over others, distinguishing them with high PR notwithstanding the number of outbound links dangling from them.

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Healthy Backlinks Juice

In this view, try not to seek the validation from the school bully. Get a good flow of link juice by seeking the vote of the class valedictorian. That is, a reasonable number of backlinks from a website with high PageRanking. Thankfully, ranking your site higher takes less backlinks from high PR sites than low PR ones.

Nothing is free in high school though. Much like you need to look rich to hang out with the coolest kids, you may have to shell out much money to get a high PR backlink. For this reason, getting your website listed on directories such as BOTW or Yahoo! may cost you 300 bucks. You can get more backlinks from shady link farms for the same amount but with disastrous consequences.

All in all, Google frowns upon the shameless trade of backlinks but buying links from directories is legitimate. If you have much to spare, then by all means buy a directory backlink. It’s not that you should burn all your savings away. What’s more important is that you are constantly looking for higher PR links while avoiding the temptation of low PR links.

High school is all about rolling with the punches, which should subside in no time. You can’t scale the social ladder fast by doing nothing. To become popular, you may have to pay the price, either by coughing up cold cash or making friends with cool kids of good reputation.

PR works in the same way, one lesson taught in a curriculum called SEO (search engine optimization). So that you would show up at the top of SERPs, you have to hobnob with the likes of HubPages and buy “votes” from such entities as Yahoo! Directory. Hopefully you should be able to graduate to college; meet other popular “students” like Twitter and Facebook; and drink juice with them.

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Cheap High PR sites are available!

Good place for you to start buy text links are:

They have a lot of sites with various PageRanks. But if you’re looking for really cheap high PageRank sites, you should go for Asian news portals, educational institutions and governmental organizations websites!

The more frequently a website updates, the more often search engine spiders are likely to crawl. Websites with more updates usually get more attention from search engines, and assigned more reputation. For news portal websites, their newly published pages usually get indexed in less than 30 minutes. Text link ads from these types of websites definitely would help you with your ranking. These Asean news portals have high PageRanks and you can buy them a lot cheaper than the regular English websites.

Do not worry about the language. You can enjoy the link juice even the site you bought is written in Chinese, Russian, French or Bahasa Malaysia because Google spider follows text links on a page and continue crawling the next site. In addition, you can place the anchor text on their site in English which is all you’ll ever need.

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  1. Frank M says:

    This is a very well written article. I like the analogy of the popular high school student verses the bully. Yes which one is better for you to hang out with.
    SO many changes in Google lately, especially with the new Places, which is also changing. Now with Social Media having it’s own search category in Google, you really need to be versatile. Thats is another whole field but having good social media helps out a lot with Google.
    I spend time helping a few friends getting some exposure if I think they are worth helping and have a good product.
    I was originally brought to this blog from a health search and am happy to see some SEO stuff here as well.
    Would love to have a back link from you here to my friends site. She has the very best probiotics supplements on The Planet. She has actually submitted 22 expicit claims to the FDA with no Flack.
    Great blog, I’ll be back.
    Frank M

  2. pitakon says:

    Thanks for great information, I have a new blog. Would you please inform me, how much the price for buying text link from these PR5, PR6, PR7, PR8 and PR9 Asian sites that you offers? send by email.

    thanks and regards,

  3. pitakon says:

    I’m still waiting the price for buying text link from these PR5, PR6, PR7, PR8 and PR9 Asian sites that you offers


  4. Capitalstars says:

    hiii I am stock tips provider,

    Nice article. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m quite impressed! Very useful information. Great Post and very good articles. You are doing very good job, keep posting articles. I will suggest all my friends to go this post. Thanks

  5. Genf20 says:

    All types of blogs needs links from high PR sites. Love your articles about health. Very helpful

  6. S.Garland says:

    You summarized many of the major components and best practices of contemporary SEO. I agree with most of what you write about backlinks but I think that you have oversimplified the process that Google and other search engines use to rank websites. Google, alone, has over 200 factors that it uses to rank websites and many of them are on-site factors such as the amount of time for the page to load, keywords, html and other code used, and the amount and how relevant the text on the page is. Backlinks only account for about 25% of the ranking factor. It still is a significant factor and therefore I spend a lot of time doing backlinking because as you mentioned it can profoundly affect pagerank.

  7. monika says:

    The healthy backlinks just presenting websites pagerank sites improving on their websites.

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