Delaying And Procrastination Is A Bad Habit

procrastinationDo you delay deadlines or make late payments? Are you fond of procrastinating? Then you must do something to save yourself from its consequences. Break that habit by starting now.

People who are used to delaying tactics have these following characteristics:

  • They choose a simpler task when they feel the lack of ability to do it.
  • They postpone decisions thinking that it can be decided as time goes by.
  • They look for ways to make things easier.
  • Most of the time, they don’t believe in themselves and thinks that others are better than them. For example, he/she wants to study in college but delays the thought by thinking that he is not capable of passing the entrance exam.
  • They are poor in making decisions and can’t finalize one.

Delaying can also cause disorganization of thoughts and degrading memory. Don’t let fear underestimate you; instead, overcome fear to stop procrastination. Perfectionists are also considered as procrastinators because they waste too much time making projects perfect that they end up delaying deadlines.

Your Health is at Stake

Do you know that the habit of making excuses affect you physically? Studies have shown that people who usually make excuses in the academic scene deprives sleep, has a poor eating habit, and drink alcoholic beverages often compared to students who are punctual in class. Procrastinators are known to have uncontrollable actions. This is why victims of this habit experiences stress. Your once healthy lifestyle will turn into a problem.

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Now is the Right Time to Eliminate Delaying Tactics

Your personality explains why you procrastinate. Knowing that you’re in that situation should help you stop the habit. You will only change if you’re determined to do it.

Undergoing the process of change is difficult. You need to list down the reason for change. This will help you realize that something is wrong with you and you needed to stop this immediately.

Prevent yourself from resisting to given tasks. Challenge yourself and think that it’s for the best. If it’s difficult for you to accomplish a task, do it one at a time. Don’t easily give up and mange your time well.

Ask help from others if you need assistance. Don’t be afraid of approaching other people like family, co-workers and friends.

After completing a task, gratify yourself by relaxing or doing fun activities. Once you set your mind to these changes, the habit of resisting will be eliminated.

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