Understanding Tardiness

Are you always late when attending classes, a job interview, or important events? Being tardy reflects a wrong impression to other people especially in a job interview. Being punctual is important because this shows that you are prepared and interested to work. Being late in significant events like weddings or birthdays will also ruin the occasion especially if you are greatly involved.

Tardiness has been a problem to most people. It seemed that being on time is always impossible for them. Being late has many consequences. You don’t only disappoint others but you also invite stress in your life. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t welcome stress. As much as possible, avoid it. Imagine the rushing and worries when you’re late. Stress definitely heightens up.

Tardiness Reflects Your Personality

Being late has different consequences. One is that reputation is affected. You’re showing to people that you’re not a reliable person. You will also develop low self-esteem. It is time to make a change and ask yourself if being late does something productive to you.

The Technical Aspect of Being Late

Being late technically is when you are late in different time schedule. This means that you don’t know how to estimate your time. You are incapable of managing the time interval of the activities you do. What is the solution? Simply estimate the time of arrival. It is same as time management. When you organize your planned schedule, include the time interval of each event. Remember to be realistic. Taking a shower wouldn’t take one hour. So jot down 5 to 15 minutes on your list.

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The Right Time to Say NO

Learn to say “no” when someone asks you for something regarding your time. If it conflicts with another schedule, then decide well what to choose from. Don’t be responsible in rejecting an offer. Explain your reason politely that she/he may understand. You can’t handle everything in a hurry at once.

The Psychological Aspect of Being Late

Are you always 5 minutes late in class? Then, that is the psychological way of being late based from researchers. You are always late because it is what you want. It‘s a rebellious attitude you acquired from your childhood years. You hate others to expect much from you.

Some people have the need to be late to activate their adrenaline rush. They are addicted to that feeling and do something to keep it moving.

The Feel of Anxiousness

Some people don’t want to go to events early thinking that they’ll be bored on being the first one to get there. So, they opt to arrive late than arriving early. Anxiety is related with doing nothing and waiting. The solution to this problem is proper planning. Arrive early and do certain activities during your extra time like reading a book, writing, or calling a friend. This is one way of diverting your attention from anxiety.

Leaving On Time

When it’s time to leave, then you must leave right away. Don’t delay your time by adding your workload. This is the same as arriving on time. Don’t waste your time so that you can have more time for other activities.

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