Mining Health Returns From Mineral Makeup

Not only is beauty skin deep; it could be mined deep from the earth. Mineral makeup, or those made of natural earth solids, has been painting faces since the 1970s.

Mineral makeup has mainly been in vogue all these years for its outstanding cosmetic benefits. Many users would likely tell you that it has an all-natural glow that lasts longer than many other kinds of makeup. Mineral makeup is popular as blush-on and loose powder foundation.

But lately, many consumers have been touting the implications it has on a healthy lifestyle. Though still unscientific, its supposedly healthy properties have given women (and men) everywhere more reasons to be beautiful.

Healthy benefits

If some dermatologists were to let on, mineral makeup has none of the preservatives, dyes, binders, parabens, waxes, fragrances and other chemicals used in most beauty products. It has no talc in it too, providing ample breathing space for your skin. To an extent then, this type of makeup can be “purer” and milder to the skin.

This kind of makeup is commonly made of minerals like zinc oxide, mica and titanium dioxide, which may have quite anti-inflammatory uses. As such, mineral makeup is said to have a soothing effect on skin, especially one ridden with acne and rosacea. You could even use it as a post-laser or peel treatment, seeing as it somehow relaxes the skin after such procedures.

Mineral makeup can be non-comedogenic too. It would not clog your pores, exacerbate an existing acne problem or trigger allergy breakouts like other types of makeup would.

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Unlike other makeup, it would not hasten aging. Ordinary makeup is known to worsen the appearance of creases, lines and wrinkles because they linger in those areas. Mineral makeup not only avoids those places but also helps hydrate the skin, helping you take years off your countenance.

For whatever it is worth too, mineral makeup offers some degree of UV protection. Because it contains prodigious amounts of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, materials usually found in sunscreens, mineral makeup could somehow provide sun protection.

However, no mineral makeup could fully replace a sunscreen as yet.

Two kinds of mineral makeup

While most would remain faithful to the product’s credo of pure ingredients, not all makers of mineral makeup like to fit the mold. Many manufacturers still tend to include synthetic materials to their makeup lines.

Not all brands that claim to be “pure,” “all-natural,” or “all-mineral” really have unadulterated formulas. Even those that claim to be pure are made in part of bismuth oxychloride, which is not a naturally occurring mineral.

Bismuth oxychloride is the mineral responsible for giving you that certain candlelight glow. Made by processing lead and copper, it is usually used to bind or bulk up certain industrial products. When used on the skin, it may cause rashes and itching. In fact, overexposure to it puts you at risk of cystic acne.

Exercise prudence

Critics of mineral makeup would point out that mineral makeup is not any more different from traditional makeup. The materials used in mineral makeup have been around for decades, in that they have always been used in makeup.

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There is no sufficient evidence that it has substantial health benefits other than boosting your self-esteem – in a roundabout way.

Some scientists even fear that mineral makeup makers reduce their ingredients to dangerously microscopic sizes, a process called micronizing. Through this, the makeup would give you its trademark longevity of coverage.

But micronizing requires a payback from your health. In their nanoparticle forms, minerals like titanium and zinc can be toxic and easily inhaled. It can also enter through ruptured skin without much ado.

So exercise prudence when using mineral makeup. Or at least do not sleep without removing it.

Some users testify that they could sleep with the product on. There is absolutely no proof this kind of makeup is good to put on at night, much less use as sunblock during the day or apply after a lunchtime peel.

But as a beauty product, mineral makeup has less competition.

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