Pregnancy Tells – 8 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy TellsAlmost anyone, nowadays, knows a couple or two who are having trouble conceiving. You have always been pretty careful about birth control yourself. But unless you practice abstinence, no form of contraception or the more traditional methods can prevent pregnancy with 100% certainty.

It may be too early for you to know if you’ve missed your period, but there are other early symptoms that may indicate you’re pregnant. If you are feeling tired most of the time, or if you have to use the bathroom twice as much as you normally used to, or you feel like your bras are suddenly shrinking, these may be indications of pregnancy. It may still be too early to take a pregnancy test but it would be safe to assume that you could be pregnant.

It is very important to know as early as possible if you are pregnant. You will have to make significant lifestyle changes right away, like stopping your coffee habit, smoking, alcohol intake, and sushi consumption. The earlier you know, the earlier you can get prenatal care and start taking prenatal vitamins. If you have other medical conditions for which you are taking medications, some changes will also have to be made.

Here are the early pregnancy tells you should look out for:


One of the most common signs of pregnancy is extreme, unexplainable fatigue. When you know that you have gotten plenty of hours of sleep but you still feel really tired the whole day, this may be an indication that you’re pregnant. If you suspect this, you should avoid taking caffeine to counteract your feeling of exhaustion. You should, instead, take it easy and get more rest.

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Aversion to some foods

When you normally love having Chinese take out for dinner, but you suddenly feel like throwing up thinking of Chinese noodles, you could be pregnant. Very intense food aversions are also one of the early signs of pregnancy, when the levels of your hormone beta-hCG are on the rise. If you are experiencing this symptom, just steer clear of foods that trigger your gagging reflex.

Aversion to certain smells

Another result of rising hormone levels is sensitivity to some smells. If you used to love your partner’s cologne but it now makes you want to gag, and if you find your stomach turning when you sniff other unpleasant smells, like cigarette smoke, then you may also assume that you are expecting. Again, just avoid these triggers as much as you can, especially cigarette smoke which is bad for you and the baby.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness, or all-day sickness for the more unfortunate ones, may be a very clear indication that you are carrying a child. Nausea and vomiting are, again, caused by the rising level of hormones in your body, which in turn, is a good sign of a healthy pregnancy. This inconvenient period lasts through the first trimester and the best way to deal with it is to eat offensively instead of defensively. This means that you should not let your stomach get empty. Always have some crackers by your bed and eat them when you wake up in the morning. For some, prenatal vitamins trigger nausea. You can overcome this by taking your vitamins with dinner or at nighttime; don’t take them on an empty stomach.

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Breast changes

When you notice that your breasts are getting bigger and are feeling tender, this may also be an early signs of pregnancy. The best thing for tender breasts is to get better bras.

Frequent urination

When you are pregnant, your uterus grows and pushes on your bladder. Your growing uterus triggers the urge to urinate more often. As the fetus in your uterus gets bigger, the pressure on your bladder also increases.


If you are pregnant, you may also feel short of breath even when there is no physical exertion. This is because the growing fetus in your body increases your oxygen requirement. Your shortness of breath gets worse the further along in the pregnancy you are. But a sudden onset of breathlessness that is not from physical exertion and combined with pain or gets worse when you lie down may be a sign of something more serious. You should go to a doctor right away.

Physical changes

If you have reason to believe that you may be pregnant, you can get definitive results by going to a doctor right away. They can check for other physical changes in your genital area like changes in the color of the vagina and the softness of the cervix that would indicate pregnancy. Aside from these, your doctor would also be able to perform other tests to confirm whether you are carrying or not.

If you experience any one of these or a combination of these symptoms, it is possible that you are pregnant. But these early signs are not conclusive. They may also be symptoms of other conditions like premenstrual syndrome.

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The most reliable sign of pregnancy is your first missed period, especially if your periods are regular. To be 100% certain, take an at-home pregnancy test.

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