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Inflammation – A Lymphological Perspective

Inflammation is a process in which our immune system responds to foreign substances, harmful stimuli such as damaged cells, irritants or pathogens. An inflammation is not similar to infection process even in a way that this is caused by this. It is a sign that our immune system is functioning properly, therefore without inflammation, infections and open wounds would not heal.

In some diseases however, the body’s defense system which is the immune system, inappropriately triggers an inflammatory response when there are no foreign substances to fight off. In these diseases, called autoimmune disorder, the body’s normally protective immune system causes damage to its own tissues. The body responds as if normal tissues are infected or somehow abnormal.

Inflammation is a common denominator of every degenerative disease known to man as admitted by the medical community in 2001. Dr. C. Samuel West, a chemist and a lymphologist which enabled him to understand the life and death processes at the cell level and this life work of him should have been validated officially.

Every healing art on earth involves getting oxygen to cells, deep breathing, rubbing and stroking the body, compressing tissues, and energy has the ability to activate the lymphatic vessels. When the lymphatic vessels are properly activated, they have the ability to pull out the dead cells, poisons, and excess water around the cells. This is the condition that all the cells in your body must be in to get oxygen from the bloodstream; therefore you don’t get pain, loss of energy or disease of any kind.

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Your immune system might be out to get you!

There seems to be many gaps in the usual explanations for inflammation and the ability to see these gaps is the ability to recognize measures that can prevent inflammation and much of what results in virtually any disease process.

The five cardinal signs of inflammation are Dolor (pain), Calor (heat), Rubor (redness), Tumor (swelling), and Functio Laesa (loss of function). Before we can expect to correct how organisms functions and behave, conditions in which these cells must interact must be corrected first. Inflammation is a group of a great deal of combined phenomenon that may only be properly explained through lymphology or cellular ecology, which explains that inflammation is not just a single phenomenon.

In the 70s, Dr. C. Samuel West became the first in the world to lecture publicly on trapped plasma proteins and developed a method of activating the lymphatic system, dynamically that he called The Art of Lymphasizing.

The art of Lymphasizing is a new science that reveals the mental, nutritional and physical laws of health which must obeyed, in order to keep the blood proteins circulating via the lymphatic system. It is a group of techniques used to dissociate the plasma proteins and pull out the excess fluid from around the cells. This brings the oxygen back into the cells and turns on the electric generators that give each part of the body the power to work properly.

Stretching, yawning, earthing, vibratory technique, percussion and a system of contraction and relaxation was now added by the academy founded by Dr. West to the Art. However, we have different ancient cultures and they have certain ways of activating lymphatic and in reality, an unlimited variety of ways in which to effectuate the lymphatic system.

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To conclude above all, it is possible to keep your body free from pain and disease for as long as you live. As long as you follow natural mental, nutritional and physical laws of health; health will be yours. If the environment is kept clean, nutritious and chemically balanced, cells will not die or degenerate. This describes a way to fully reverse the anoxic conditions that always precede every case of chronic inflammation; or to fully reproduce the conditions that enable the aerobic life process and healing once again.

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