Antibiotics From Mother Nature

Antibiotics have been an indispensable part of modern medicine given the growing number of people stricken by bacterial infections. It is hard to imagine how the society will survive a bacterial attack if there were no antibiotics. Antibiotics are so effective that physicians rather prescribe them than resort to longer, and thus more profitable, forms of treatment.

The older generation did not have access to powerful antibiotics we have today. Surprisingly, a lot of older people are still strong enough to earn a living and perform daily tasks. Perhaps, there are somehow more healthy than the younger generation who is vulnerable to many diseases despite their access to medical and technological advances.

Perhaps this could be explained by comparing natural treatments with drug-based treatment. The human body is endowed with the natural ability to repair itself. Each physiological systems in the body has its own tasks to perform. The role of combating disease-causing microorganisms is handled by the immune system. If a person relies on antibiotics for the treatment of diseases that the body can cure all by itself, then the target pathogens may soon develop drug resistance.

Antibiotics should only be used during emergencies. Alternative medicine has undermined the role of antibiotics by favoring herbs with antibacterial properties. Alternative medicine considers herbs as a safe and effective way to boost the immune system. You must consider making use of the inherent disease-fighting ability of your body rather than overuse conventional antibiotics. Recently, doctors have begun prescribing herbal antibiotics to their patients to decrease their drug overuse.

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Colloidal Silver as an Antibacterial Agent

Silver in colloidal form is a safe and effective antibacterial agent. However, its antibiotic properties are not yet fully understood. It is believed to have medicinal effect against cancer and other diseases. The only thing that scientists know so far is that silver can curb the synthesis of the enzymes used by unicellular bacteria, viruses, and fungi in their metabolism. Without these enzymes, disease-causing microorganisms cannot survive. By inhibiting the production of these enzymes, silver can control bacterial infections. The FDA issued a rider that approved the use, manufacturing, labeling, and advertising of colloidal silver as done so in 1938. The electro-colloidal process is considered the best method of producing colloidal silver.

Garlic as an Antibiotic

The antibiotic property of garlic lies in allicin. This powerful compound not only fights bacteria but fungi as well. Allicin is also responsible for the burning taste of garlic. This compound is not present in raw garlic. Only when chopped does garlic form allicin. While the garlic is being chopped, an enzyme called alliinase reacts with alliin to form allicin, which only lasts for a short period of time. Allicin is usually destroyed during cooking. Research showed that allicin can kill drug-resistant bacteria. Since most drug-resistant bacteria breed in the colon, garlic can improve digestion as well. Aside from its antibiotic property, allicin has anti-fat effects.

Silver and garlic seemed to have been used as medicines in ancient civilizations as evidenced in the Ancient Indian Ayurvedic texts. Finding life-saving herbs can be as simple as looking back to the past to see what the ancient society used to cure illnesses.

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