Truth and Lies About Cats and Dogs

There are many interesting facts, superstitions and misconceptions about dogs and cats. These common household pets have some bizarre behaviors that often get misinterpreted. Know your pets better with this pet trivia.

Dogs Can Diagnose Diabetes

It may sound unbelievable, but dogs can tell if a person has a low sugar level. Dogs can smell an abnormal drop in blood sugar level and alert the diabetic patient by licking, pawing, barking or whining. Some dogs are now being trained to be diabetic service pets.

Kissing Dogs Can Make People Sick

Dogs are carriers of harmful germs that can be transmitted to humans. According to veterinarians, canine mouths are full of salmonella, cryptosporidium and campylobacter. Dogs get these microorganisms from spoiled food, toilets and other dirty objects that they lick. Kiss a dog and these germs would cause you diarrhea. This is why some people who want to stick to their healthy lifestyle refuse to keep a pet.

Humans Can Transmit Diseases to Pets

Although it seldom happens, it is possible for humans to transmit disease-causing viruses and bacteria to their pets and make them ill. There are reports of swine flu virus being transmitted from humans to their pets. E. coli and MRSA can also be transmitted from humans to dogs.

Dogs Have Feelings

Dogs that give their owners a long stare are not necessarily begging for something. Dogs have been shown to be capable of developing companionship or emotional bond with humans. A long stare could be a sign of compassion toward their owners.

Cats Cause Infants to Stop Breathing

It was a superstition in the early 18th century. When an infant die suddenly (a condition known today as  sudden infant death syndrome), the ancient folks would put the blame on the cat lying with the baby. Now, we know that cats are drawn to cribs because they are warm and comfortable to sleep on.

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Dogs Can Understand 250 Words

According to Stanley Coren, PhD,  the gifted breeds have the ability to understand the spoken words as do 2-year-old children. An average dog can comprehend a maximum of 150 words, while the brightest breeds like Border collie, German shepherd, Doberman pincher, golden retriever and poodle can learn as much as 250 words.

Cats Experience Separation Anxiety

It is true. According to behavior experts, cats show signs of separation anxiety when their owners are away. This explains why cats pee on their owners’ clothes, block their owners’ path when they are leaving, and vomit when their owners are nowhere to be found. Other signs of separation anxiety in cats are pacing, vocalizing and eating problems.

Cats Are Good at Landing

Due to the flexibility of their backbones, cats always land on their feet when jumping over a short distance. However, they are likely to land on their head or body and get injured when they jump from a two-story building. Cats may lose their balance and fall from windows when they fix their sight to birds, a phenomenon called high-rise syndrome.

Dogs Can Learn How to Dance

Dog owners have proved that pets can dance. You can see dancing dogs at canine freestyle shows where dogs and their owners pair up.

Dogs Don’t Need Bones

Ancient dogs ate a lot of bones, but now dogs can survive by eating dry kibbles which have sufficient calcium. Although bones appeal to dogs, they are hard to digest and can cause dogs to choke. To satisfy the chewing instincts of dogs, it is better to use edible dog foods and rubber chew toys.

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Dogs Know What Love Is

In her book “The Social Lives of Dogs,” anthropologist Elizabeth Marshall Thomas explored the real-life love story between two dogs. Thomas believed that few dogs get a chance to have a romantic relationship because most are held in captivity.

Most White Cats Are Deaf

White cats, especially the ones with blue eyes, are usually deaf in either one or both ears. A cat is usually deaf in one ear only when only one of their eyes is blue. A lot of pet owners notice that deaf cats are less bright, though it is not sure if deafness is the cause of it.

Dogs Are Happy When They Wag Their Tails

Being happy is just one of the reasons why dogs wag their tails. Tail wagging is also seen in dogs that are agitated and scared. If a dog wags its tail in its mid-level position with his ears and mouth in relaxed state, it is likely that he is happy.

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