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Personal TrainerIt used to be that personal fitness trainers were the exclusive realms of the famous and high-born.

Now the playing field has leveled sizably and anyone could have one.

Contrary to naysayers, engaging the services of a personal fitness instructor does not really cost a fortune.

There are also trainers for novice trainees, dedicated gym nuts, and just about every point of the health-conscious spectrum.

Price tag of a trainer

In a poll conducted by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the services of a personal trainer cost $50 an hour on average. A one-hour session could reach as exorbitant as $100 an hour, as low as $15. And in terms of place, trainers based in urban regions charge higher than their rural counterparts. Nevertheless, trainees could opt for half-hour sessions.

Granted, going to a communal health center presents the most affordable means to get fit. But a low price tag is not everything.

Theoretically, the quality of training is commensurate to its cost. If you have someone to train around your schedule, whenever, wherever, then the payoff would obviously be remarkable.

Getting a personal trainer has a nice psychological upshot too. If someone with relatively little means gets a personal trainer, he or she would be motivated to squeeze the services for all it’s worth.

Benefits of hiring a personal trainer

Having a personal trainer saves you time and keeps injuries at bay. The whole point of getting a personal trainer is that someone tailor-makes the exercises for you. You have someone breathing on your neck – in a beneficial way – rather than copying moves slavishly from fellow gym-goers. He or she would help you lead a healthy lifestyle without you having to figure everything out on your own.

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It’s easier said than done that you could follow an exercise program independently; motivation could be a tricky thing. Having a personal trainer gives you the necessary impetus to get fit, in the same way our teachers and parents motivated you to study hard and pass third grade.

Personal training is also fitting for children whose parents are concerned about their fitness. Lately, many American public schools have obviated physical education (PE) subjects in their curriculum. Likewise, personal training suits old people who desire to stay agile but could not go to a commercial health center.

No one needs to personalize a fitness program more than people with special medical conditions. Often, they do not have that much of a choice, as insurance companies have increasingly lowered their coverage of physical rehabilitation. So people who have suffered a stroke or heart attack find themselves in a quest for personal trainers.

However, trainees with special needs have to check with their physicians before engaging in any exercise regimen. The best personal trainers can develop a program around the needs of the patient.

Finding the perfect personal trainer

Reflexively, people search for personal trainers who appear fabulously fit, those who look like they practice what they preach. To an extent, there is nothing wrong with this, except that not all trainers look the same.

You would want to hire a trainer who has high educational attainment before anything else. Also, the trainer must be trained in CPR, as a minimum requirement.

Any personal trainer could present you a diploma certifying his or her ability to train. But not all certificates, let alone the entities that hand them out, are legitimate.

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Of the hundreds of organizations that claim to certify professional personal fitness trainers, only a few are recognized legally. Ideally, you would want a trainer certified by such bodies as the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), American Council on Exercise (ACE), and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

Such bodies certify trainers after rigid tests and continue to test and educate them long after certificates are distributed. For one, ACSM requires prospective trainers to first secure a degree in exercise science or the like.

Conversely, some entities award certificates to trainers who have learned from little more than a training workshop or online tutorial. Some even adopt names that sound legitimate, complete with words such as ‘national’ or ‘international.’ Others have high-profile ads. For this reason, you need to look these names up in the Net.

It is also an imperative that a trainer, especially one who is freelancing, carries liability insurance. Trainers who are employed by gyms are often covered by their bosses. In sum, demand that the trainer clarifies his fees and other business policies in writing.

Setting the parameters

Naturally, you need to let your trainer know what you intend to achieve from his or her services. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions.

But don’t expect the trainer to cover all the bases. He or she is not your trainer, physician, dietitian, and psychologist rolled into one.

A great personal fitness trainer would direct you to the proper authorities for your extraneous concerns. In this thought, discern when a personal fitness trainer is claiming wisdom on topics beyond his specialization, like prescribing certain medicines.

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If you must remember one thing in picking the best trainer, it is that you should find someone you’re comfortable with. You would be in close contact with this guy or girl for some hours every week. Hiring someone whom you don’t like defeats the purpose of the whole thing. So customize the fitness program according to your emotional needs too.

By Fitium for Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine

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  1. Felix says:

    I really agree with this article! I am not a sportive person, but a good fitness trainer looks exactly on your condition and then asks you what you would like to achieve with your fitness and then he makes a special program fitting to your needs and wishes. That’s really great!

  2. Mike says:

    As a trainer for over 15 years one must remember that no two clients are a like and that you have to design each program towards that persons needs. Knowing how to apply your knowledge to a client in a matter that is understandable to them is something only experience can teach.

  3. vanessa says:

    It feels great to find this kind of an interesting blog..Nicely, this information about personal fitness trainers could be of great assist to anyone who would come to read this one. Thanks a great deal for sharing your ideas..

  4. jake says:

    great article..i am an athletic type of person ..and i agree that you should seek help from a trainer or experience person in doing some physical activity…also to keep away from accidents and injuries…

  5. having your own personal training is better than working alone! You might end up working out the wrong muscle groups. You need to have professional help so you can trim your body to its best form.

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