Feng Shui Your Way To The Heart

Love is written in the cosmos! Your star-crossed lover may just be a shove of the furniture away. Follow this quick guide to make your love life cosmically aligned.

Describe your ideal partner on paper

Feng Shui LoveFeng shui experts agree that red ink and white paper conspire to help you attract the right partner. Use these feng shui staples to send a loud and clear message to the universe that you want The One right now.

So start writing down the qualities and traits you want in a lover. Be specific as you go along, because, really, you have a choice in the matter. Hide the list, along with a picture of a couple of peonies, in a small silver box. Then refer to the bagua map to see where the “relationship area” of your bedroom is. Place the box in this area for 49 days. He or she might just come knocking on your door afterwards.

Light lamps

Besides proximity, time together is a non-negotiable in a romantic relationship. Try distancing yourselves from each other and you would probably short-circuit your romantic connection. To ethereally create more time for each other, light two lamps and place them on both sides of the bed. For 27 nights, you and your partner must simultaneously turn the lamp on your side of the bed before going to sleep. Now you might argue that you could not even find time to sleep together. In this case, a simple “good night,” said to each other every night at the exact same time, may work wonders for your schedule.

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Crystal power!

Communication breakdowns are likely to happen in any interpersonal setup, i.e. a romantic relationship. To bridge a widening communication gap, get a bowl of uncooked rice and add a dash of rock salt. Put three clear crystals atop them, forming a triangle. Position the bowl beneath your bed for up to 49 days. Feng shui wisdom has it that salt and rice can replace negative energies with positive ones, clearing obstructions in your communication lines. You heard it right; feng shui offers celestial signal transmitters.

Heat things up, literally

If you feel that your sex life has lost its steam, then use steam! Here’s a sexy feng shui tip for you: prepare a bowl of steaming water and pour a couple of drops of ylang-ylang essential oil. Either sprinkle the mixture on your pillows or rub some on your neck. Then chug along to a steamy night ahead! For best results, hang red curtains around the bedroom and cover your bed with red sheets. In feng shui, red is associated with fire, which counteracts energies assaulting a romantically healthy lifestyle.

Knock down clutter to get knocked up

Many ancient Asian cultures think that before a woman conceives, the soul of the would-be baby roams around her bedroom. If you want to have a baby then, better clear up the clutter accumulating under your bed. At the same time, do not vacuum or sweep under your bed if you don’t want to upset the spirit. And while you’re at it, wish upon an elephant! Get a pair of wooden feng shui elephants and set them on the sides of the bedroom door. Arrange them as if they are facing your room. As it were, they would act as gatekeepers, directing the spirit to your room. Another great feng shui idea: using your bagua map, find the “children area” of the room and place a photo of a child there. Anticipate your little bundle of joy hereafter.

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Smell the oranges

Even as your heart is breaking, stand up – and buy some oranges. In feng shui parlance, oranges counteract the blues, romantic woes included. Even the ancients note that orange peelings buoy you from that somber rut. Try this at home: peel nine oranges and place the peelings into a bath. Pour two cups of Epsom salt. Immerse for 20 minutes. Or try this instead: mix 10 drops of orange essential oils with water and fill a sprayer. Squirt it every morning to spread serenity and peace around you.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, won’t you save us from the fall?

If you find your relationship on the rocks, reckon this powerful feng shui tip. Get a pair of identical mirrors and secure a photo of yourself, happy and smiling. Get a picture of your partner as well. Attach the photos on the back of the mirrors. Once again, get a pair of mirrors and attach them to the other pair, such that their shiny sides face outwards. Then arrange the mirrors so that the pictures inside them face one another. Afterwards bind the mirrors together using red ribbon. Make sure to wind the ribbon 99 times. Put the bound mirrors under the mattress, at the spot where your heart would supposedly be located. Wait for seven days before contacting the person in the picture.

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