Weight Loss Fictions And Myths

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Weight lossAll your life, you have probably clung on to weight loss myths as ivies cling to walls. See through the lies and recognize the most common weight loss myths.

You are born fat or thin

Genes only predetermine one-fourth of your weight. Therefore, it is essentially up to you how heavy you should weigh. No matter how large you are, you have the power to meteorically alter your weight as you please.

Your key is arranging a good exercise plan and a low-calorie diet program, no more, no less. And not just any exercise—go for strength-and-resistance exercises if you really want to raise your metabolism. From these exercises, you’d be packing more lean muscles vital to increasing metabolism. And with increased metabolism, you’d burn calories faster and lose weight more significantly. Remember you are not dictated by your DNA.

You can lose weight in select areas of your body

People wrongly believe that they can slim down, a la carte, problem areas of their body. But you cannot “spot reduce” fats in your body.

You cannot lose weight in the hips, gluts and thighs just by performing squats and lunges ad infinitum. In the same way, you cannot trim down your waistline by doing a billion sit-ups.

In order to decrease body fat in these areas, you must do things the roundabout way. In other words, add more lean muscle tissue to speed up metabolism, and in turn, lose weight in those areas. Pair this with a sound diet plan and you’re not only en route to a perfect body but also to a healthy lifestyle.

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According to a University of Alabama – Birmingham study, women ages 61 – 77 who weight-trained thrice a week reduced more fats from their tummies than their male counterparts. The study speaks for itself.

Women can bulk up through strength training

If you are male, you have probably picked up your dumbbell by the time you read this sentence. If you’re female, you probably still have reservations about strength-training, largely because you’re scared to put on muscles as big as men.

Yes, women can bulk up through strength training, but not to the same extent as men. Because of their inherent profusion of testosterone, men can build muscles tens of times more efficiently than women.

So if you’re a woman, don’t think you would look like an MMA fighter from strength training. Unless you take testosterone supplements, you’d likely come out from a strength-and-resistance exercise program looking fabulously slimmer.

I am muscular already. I don’t need to strength-train anymore

Even if you are muscular, you should not rest on your laurels. As you age, your muscles shrink, the body’s metabolic rate descending with it.

On average, people aged 20 and beyond lose up to seven-tenths of one pound of muscle every year. Menopausal women have it worse; they lose muscle mass twice as fast. Eventually, you’d turn 70 and start reducing as much as three pounds of muscle mass per year.

You can tone muscles by lifting light weights but with more reps

Making infinite repetitions of lifting light weights does not amount to the same benefits with the heavier ones. When you lift light weights, you don’t force your muscles to grow. Body sculpting classes and exercise routines that encourage you to perform countless reps of light weightlifting are all for naught.

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Do it right by lifting Xertubes and similarly heavy weights. Perform only a dozen reps regularly and you’d fast-track your muscle toning ambitions. In addition, you’d also burn innumerable calories.

Aerobic exercises benefit your heart. Strength-and-resistance exercises don’t

For decades, this has been the consensus among fitness scientists. But according to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, strength training has been shown to offer equal cardiovascular benefits as aerobic exercise.

Strength training is overlong

Nothing could be more false. Truth be told, you can see results from strength training in as short as four weeks. Your muscles would already reciprocate strength-and-resistance routines done twice or thrice every week, coupled with a low-calorie diet.

Strength training can reduce my flexibility

Only the opposite is true.

Sedentary people who begin a strength-and-resistance exercise program may improve their muscular flexibility, according to a research published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine. The researchers believed this happens due to a bodily process called reciprocal inhibition. Reciprocal inhibition holds that whenever you contract one muscle, another muscle stretches out and relaxes. For instance, if you contract your biceps, you would simultaneously stretch your triceps. Surely this process can enhance your balance and flexibility.

Weight loss diet pills doesn’t work

On the contrary, there are many diet pills that work. Taking the right diet pills have been proven to be effective in limiting food intake and reducing fat deposits in the body. Diet pills have been a part of many weight loss programs for years.

By Fitium for Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine

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