Relax And Indulge The Healthy Way

The long, busy week is over, so what is left to do? For those feeling stressed out from the entire month’s workload, consider giving yourself a healthy treat.

Here are some of the affordable ways to delight yourself while boosting your health.

Sip a Cup of  Natural Tea

Although coffee shops are almost everywhere, Americans still consume a total of 2 billion gallons of tea every year.  One of the main advantages of drinking tea is easing of tension. Research findings revealed that those who drink four cups of black tea every day release less stress hormone after performing a demanding task  as compared with caffeinated fruit drinkers. Green tea gives the same benefits as well.  So if you have time to sit down and relax, grab a cup of tea and enjoy both its taste and soothing effects.

Have a Fresh Tuna Steak

Take a break from canned foods and get a slice of raw succulent tuna steak for dinner.  Revive your taste buds and nourish your body with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, the good fats that improve heart functions and store energy. What treats could be healthier and more refreshing than a nutrient-packed tuna for dinner?

Hug And Kiss to Your Heart’s Desire

Your wife is waiting for you until late night. Doesn’t she deserve a big kiss from you? Kissing your spouse as you return home from a busy work helps strengthen your marital relationship, not to mention the extra calories you would burn by giving a two-minute passionate kiss.

Watch Funny Movies

Spend a night of laughter as you watch funny movies. Research showed that laughing can reduce stress, improve the flow of blood, strengthen immunity, and normalize blood pressure. Chuckling may bring down sugar level and improve digestion as well. Surprisingly, even mere anticipation of laughter can have a stress-reducing effect. So just waiting in line at the rental shop as you read the synopsis of comedy DVDs could lighten up your mood.

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Go to a Manicurist

Your hands have been working like bees as you touch type for hours or scrub the floor and dishes. So why not give yourself a manicure? Pamper yourself with a manicure and feel a renewed self-esteem. Having a manicure is an experience similar to having a message – relaxing and sensual.

Make Love

You’ve spent hours listening to meeting and cramming to meet the deadline. You missed your favorite TV shows and dinner. Isn’t sex a good way to regain your life?

Sex is a powerful stress reliever. Scientists found out that sex can lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and improve self-esteem. Who says that sex is not a part of a healthy lifestyle?

Fill Your Room With Lavender Scent

Who wouldn’t enjoy lavender-scented pillows and pockets? Lavender has been used in aromatic preparations for centuries. Now, research suggested that there must be a good, healthy reason for doing so. Although the findings are not conclusive, they suggest that lavender could help relieve headaches, anxiety, sleeping difficulty and depression. If you are suffering from sleeping problem or stressed mood, you may find relief from a lavender-filled pillow or lavender-scented candle.

Indulge on Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is one of the most irresistible treats you can give to anyone. Its enticing smell and rich, creamy taste are beyond comparison. But be sure to take just an ounce of dark chocolate a day. When taken in moderation, dark chocolate can reduce blood pressure and improve cholesterol profile and blood flow.

Stretch Out

With work taking all your day’s time, you hardly have time to work out. The solution is to stretch out while watching your favorite TV show. Stretch your arms slowly and wait for 10 seconds before you change your pose. Stretching eases tired muscles and improves your range of motions and blood circulation. Furthermore, stretching fights stress.

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Enjoy a Chair Massage

Although massage chairs can be expensive, it is worth your money. It is one of the few luxuries that are beneficial to your mind and body. Receiving a massage triggers your body to release natural painkillers called endorphins. Massage also reduces stress hormones, eases anxiety and strengthens the immune system.

Having a chair massage is a convenient and fast way to free yourself from a stressful environment. Chair massage costs $1 per minute. You can get chair massage at malls. Some chair massage providers also operate in office buildings.

Shop for Exotic Fruits

Excite your taste buds with tropical fruits. Spend some money on those star-shaped fruits displayed at department stores. Grab some purple berries and tiny lemons. In addition to their refreshing taste, fruits offer a lot of health benefits. Fruits make you less prone to heart diseases, cancer, osteoporosis and diabetes.

Go Out And Enjoy Nature

Connect with nature and experience more serenity and introspection. Watch out for the flocks of birds as they return in spring, or the falling of leaves in autumn. Observe the resurgence of winter plants as the snow covers the entire ground. Take advantage of the changing of seasons and the beauty of nature to reflect and develop inner sense of peace.

Call Your Best Friends

Call your good friends during your leisure time. Do so even if you see them every day at work or neighborhood. Nurturing friendship promotes a sense of belonging, self-worth and purpose. Having friends is also good for mental health.  So do not hesitate to give your best buddies a warm call during weekends, holidays or special occasions.

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Move Around

Keeping yourself moving is a simple way to maintain a good mood, improve sleeping behavior, and increase energy level. It is different from a workout. Taking a short walk, playing with your kids or digging the garden would do. The important thing is to keep yourself from being sedentary. Spending ten minutes for each activity could improve your resistance against colds and improve your brain power.

Take a Restful Sleep

Recharge yourself this weekend with a long sleep. It is quite a challenge to take a nap between works, so having a full sleep at night is a priceless reward. Having a restful sleep is important to health. It prevents fatigue and conditions your mind to learn and memorize. Adults should get around eight hours of sleep every night.

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