How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

Many obese people fail to follow a rigid diet no matter how desperate they are in losing weight. But losing weight should not be completely based on a strict diet. Follow these practical tips to curb your appetite and enjoy your diet foods without gaining extra pounds.

Take More Time to Sleep

It is possible to lose 14 pounds a year for every extra hour of sleep, according to a University of Michigan research. This figure was based on a 2,500-calorie requirement. The research showed that calories could be reduced by 6% if a person sleeps rather than stay idle. However, the outcome varies from person to person. Lack of sleep has also been associated with increased appetite.

Eat Whole Grains

Your diet should always include whole grains like oats, brown rice, buckwheat and barley. Whole grains help fill your stomach without adding much calories. In addition, they can lower your blood cholesterol. Wheat grains are the main ingredients in many products like pizzas, waffles, pasta, English muffins and wheat bread.

Set Your Meal Schedule

Try to be a slow eater. Limit your meal time to 20 minutes. This is a proven way to control your weight without undergoing a rigid diet. Take time to savor what you are eating. Paced meals make you feel fuller by triggering certain hormones. Eating hurriedly blocks these hormones, leading to overeating.

Eat More Vegetables

Consume three types of vegetables every dinner instead of only one, and see your weight drop gradually. Add a variety of vegetables to your diet without the fear of gaining weight. Fruits and vegetables are rich in water and fiber, making you feel full without adding much fat into your body.

Do not add too much fat when preparing veggies. Use lemon juice and herbs instead of fatty dressings or sauces.

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Eat Soup to Control Appetite

Liquid dieters love broth-based soups as they do not have much calories. Take it at the start of the meal to slow down your pace and curb your craving for more foods. Add vegetables to low-sodium broth and canned soup, then simmer it. Minestrone, Chinese wonton and tortilla soups are also good. Avoid creamy soup which is high in fat.

Forgo Bacon

Try to reduce your bacon consumption. Taking bacon off from your breakfast or lunch can save you around 100 calories, translating to 10 pounds of lost weight in one year. You can use tomato slices, grainy mustard, roasted bell peppers or goat cheese as a substitute for bacon.

Reward Yourself With Fab Clothes

Hang fashionable clothes in your room to remind yourself of your weight targets. It could be your last party dress or skinny jeans. Imagine yourself in those fit clothes to speed up your weight loss.

Go for Low-Fat Pizza

Remove your favorite meat toppings off your pizza and use vegetables instead. This can cut 100 calories from your diet. Use low-fat cheese and thin crust baked with minimum olive oil.

Limit Alcohol Intake

Alcohol can cause you to overeat. When you find yourself in a company of drinkers, sip water or low-calorie beverage every time you take alcohol. Compared with proteins and carbohydrates, alcohol contains more calories per gram.

Reduce Sugar Intake

Forget sugary drinks like canned soda. Take water or low-calorie beverages instead. You can add more flavors to zero-calorie seltzer by mixing it with lemon, strawberries or mint.

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Abstaining from soda can save you 10 teaspoons of sugar a day. The liquid sugar in canned soft drinks tend to bypass the fullness cues of the body. A study showed that soda drinkers could gain 2.5 pounds in four weeks.

Use Tall Glasses and Smaller Dishes

You can reduce your beverage consumption by 25%-30% by using taller glasses instead of wide tumblers. Taller and thinner glasses can trick your brain into thinking that you are drinking a lot.

Likewise, food consumption can be reduced by eating on small dishes. Replacing your 12″ lunch plate with a 10″ plate can save you 100-200 calories a day, equivalent to 10-20 pounds of lost body weight in a year.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea can help you lose weight by aiding in fat metabolism through its phytochemicals called catechins. You can take as much tea as you like for it has few calories.

Practice Yoga

According to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, women who practice yoga weigh less than those who don’t. Yoga can help in weight control by promoting a healthy lifestyle and a mindful approach to food consumption. For instance, these women would rather eat the normal amount of food even if they find themselves in a restaurant which serves large meals.

Cook Your Own Meals

According to Consumer Reports, eating home-cooked meals is a common practice among successful weight losers. Cooking meals should not be laborious. There are plenty of shortcut foods to try like pre-cut veggies, canned beans and chicken strips.

Eat in Small Portions

It is common for slim people to eat in modest servings every meal, according to a survey by Consumer Reports. You can start with small snack packs. As time goes by, you can automatically figure out if you are exceeding your target servings.

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Choose Low-Calorie Alternatives

Eat your pasta with marinara sauce rather than Alfredo sauce.  Marinara sauce has lower calories and fat content.

Vegetables are not a close substitute to meat, but they are effective in controlling body weight. Vegetarians weigh 20% less than meat eaters. Most Americans fail to complete their daily vegetable requirements, so they have more rooms for weight loss by eating more vegetables.

Make Allowances

It is a common practice among Americans to eat to the full, whereas Japanese make a 20% allowance. Okinawans call it hara hachi bu. Americans can adapt this practice to remedy overeating.

Chew Mint Gums

Sugarless gums with a strong taste is an effective way of combating craving for snacks. Always have a couple of gums ready when watching TV, surfing the Internet or spending a night at a party for such occasions open a lot of rooms for mindless overeating.

Minimize and Apportion Restaurant Meals

Restaurants commonly offer high-calorie meals. Here are some practical tips to keep your consumption under control:

  • Share combo meals with friends.
  • Eat on a small plate.
  • Choose an appetizer instead of a regular meal.
  • Have half of your order packed in doggie bag.

Pay Attention to “Eating Pause”

When you find an opportunity to save yourself from overeating, do not let it pass. Let go of your fork and focus your attention to something else, like a conversation.

Exercise Regularly

If you can burn 100 additional calories a day, you can lose 10 pounds over a year. Doing simple exercises like a 20-minute walk, jogging, gardening and household chores can burn enough calories to reduce your weight.

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