10 Things To Do To Unclutter Your Kitchen

Has your kitchen always been filthy? Is the clutter everywhere? Then you must be food poisoning yourself! An untidy kitchen is the root of a disorganized mind. The kitchen is one of the best areas at home. It is where family conversations and bonding take place. Aside from the bedrooms, the kitchen is considered as a comforting place. You cook, eat, and satisfy your stomach.

Here are 10 things you should know to make your kitchen tidy:

1. Select an area for posting household bills

We must put our bills in one area to keep it from getting lost. The kitchen is often the place where bills are handled. Posting or organizing it would set as your reminder of the due dates. Ways to keep bills is by putting it in a folder, drawer, or by posting it on the refrigerator to be visible.

2. Keep your countertops dust free

Countertops would definitely look attractive when it’s shiny and neat.

3. Sort your kitchen equipment well

You can start by hiding, selling, or donating unnecessary kitchen materials and keeping the ones you just need in the cabinet.

4. Provide space for your kitchen

Too much appliances in the kitchen can look messy. There is always a suitable place for kitchen equipment. Here are some areas you can consider:

  • Kitchen utensils, pots and pans should be placed near the stove for easy accessibility.
  • Glassware should be placed near the dishwashing area.
  • Measuring materials are placed near the counter areas.
  • Spices and herbs should be stored in a cupboard.
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5. Furnish your kitchen with cabinets and drawers if needed

If your kitchen needs more storage, purchasing drawers or cabinets would be necessary. For example, a plastic divider can organize utensils and decorating tools.

6. Don’t store your junk in the kitchen

Stock you unused kitchen equipment in the basement or in plastic bag. Never put it in the kitchen drawers because this will pile up causing more clutter to the kitchen.

7. Sort all the papers and keep it in a basket or plastic storage

Papers are easily misplaced. Don’t stack all the papers together; instead sort them according to categories in a folder or storage.

8. Provide an extra shelf or cabinet for the storage of junk appliances

You can put the cabinet for junk in the garage, basement, or pantry to allow space in the kitchen.

9. Throw the spoiled food from the pantry

Check the expiration date of your goods. Can your box of pancake mix still be used? If no, dispose it right away.

10. Put your cookbook in its proper place

Let’s face it. We sometimes depend on cookbooks rather than watching a cooking show or viewing recipes in the internet. Don’t collect too much cookbooks in the kitchen. Make a substitution by keeping the latest cookbook in a holder. Keep the other books in a drawer or donate it to the library or friends who might be interested.

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2 Responses

  1. Darnell says:

    great tips. one of the most important thing to do is to always store the vegetable and fruit in a refrigerator to keep it fresh. It will also help in uncluttering your kitchen.

  2. Steve says:

    Definitely some great ideas here. It is very easy to lose precious countertop space if clutter is accumulating in your kitchen.

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