Relax, It’s Your First Pregnancy!

Stress During pregnancyAre you excited to have your first baby? As a mother, you’re responsible for preparing yourself and the baby’s need for birth. Being pregnant is stressful to the mother. You become moody and irritated. You fear about giving birth. You ask so many questions to your doctor, family, and friends about pregnancy.

Physical changes occur to a pregnant woman. You gain weight and you usually experience fatigue and pain that can cause too much stress. The best way to do is to implement comfort in your daily activities to prevent pre-mature birth and to keep your baby healthy.

Physical and mental changes are not the only stressors when it comes to pregnancy. Financial need and education are also factors of stress to pregnant women. With less income, you are problematic about your hospital expenses, your needs like vitamins and milk, and your baby’s future.

Anxiety in Early Pregnancy

According to researchers, women who undergo anxiety in the early stages of pregnancy and hyperactive children ages 8 to 9 has similarities. This shows that severe anxiety experienced by the mother on the early stages of pregnancy can affect the baby’s mental health and has a great percentage of experiencing emotional disorders as he/she grows old.

The fetus inside the mother’s womb will also feel what the mother feels. So if the mother’s heart rate increases, the fetal heart rate also rises. The fetal development is a crucial stage during pregnancy. Emotional health by the mother will likely affect her baby. As much as possible, mothers should avoid severe stress.

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To avoid high risk pregnancies, maintain a healthy lifestyle by taking nutritious food, drinking plenty of water, enough rest and sleep, exercise, and intake of supplements for the baby and mother.

Facts about Pregnancy and Stress

Women are able to surpass stress because of support systems like family, friends, and the health care team. Researchers believe that long period of stress in the early stages of pregnancy are likely to cause psychological effects in the baby than stress experienced in the late stages of pregnancy.

Traumatic events like loss of a loved one and serious personal problems are considered as major stressors to pregnancy. Other risk factors include your weight, age, and pre-existing health conditions.

How to Fight Stress

Our body’s system should fight against stress. The key to control stress is based from our lifestyle. One of the most important aspects of a healthy pregnancy is having the right diet. The baby consumes what you eat. Nutrients from your body will be used by the fetus for development. Take note that eating too much can’t be tolerated because you might be overweight- a factor for high risk pregnancy.

Are you used to smoking and drinking? These vices are very dangerous to the health of the unborn child. Too much consumption of alcohol might cause birth defects or pre-mature birth. Another way to avoid stress is limit traveling. Pregnant women usually are exhausted when traveling. Focus more on relaxation and getting enough rest and sleep.

Don’t forget to have a weekly check-up with your gynecologist. They know what is best and they require you to take laboratory tests for early detection of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), anemia, gestational diabetes, and other pregnancy related conditions.

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Share What you Feel

During times of distress, your family and friends are always there to comfort you. Stress in pregnancy is crucial to the mother. Have someone to talk to. Share your problems, concerns and feelings. You will surely feel relieved after sharing your concerns. Instead of worrying too much about your baby, divert your attention to other activities like reading a book, breathing exercises, or pregnancy classes.

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