Thanksgiving With Less Stuffing On The Waist!

Healthy Thanksgiving DinnerYour Thanksgiving routine never changes from one year to the next.  You over-indulge in turkey and gravy and a freshly baked pie.  Then you collapse on the couch feeling so stuffed you just want to take doze off for a few minutes.  To top off the holiday, you watch a few games of football on TV, when you yourself could actually use the exercise.

For those of you who are watching their weights, how can you enjoy the holiday without obsessing about all those calories calling to you from the heavily-laden table?  Perhaps you can bring your own “healthy feast,” but then you’ll just raise a lot of eyebrows and be called a party-pooper.

Most people are not aware of the cumulative effects of holiday splurges on weight gain.  Every holiday season, most people gain approximately one pound.  One pound may seem like chicken feed, but that extra pound stays and accumulates every year with each coming of the holidays.  Before you know it, you’re buying pants that are two sizes bigger!

Holiday feasts can still be enjoyed while you’re keeping the pounds off.  You can celebrate Thanksgiving with your family and still be thankful for being able to ward off any weight gain, here’s how:

  • Keep your goals simple
    Don’t push yourself to lose 10 pounds during the week of Thanksgiving.  You can just settle for maintaining your current weight for the time being.
  • Be picky
    You do not have to help yourself to each and every dish on the table; don’t obsess about offending anybody.  Just pick three or four of your most favorite dishes and help yourself to moderate servings.
  • Squeeze in a physical activity
    You can suggest playing a slightly physical game after the main course before indulging on dessert.
  • Limit your alcohol intake
    It would help if you drink plenty of other non-alcoholic beverages, especially water, in between your glasses of alcohol.  And set a limit to the number of glasses of alcohol you will drink.
  • Don’t skip or skimp on breakfast
    You will only end up eating more calories during the holiday feast itself because to satisfy your hunger.  You can also have a light mid-day snack to make sure you won’t stuff yourself full like a cornucopia later on in the day.
  • Try substitutions
    When preparing your feast, you can replace whole milk with fat-free milk for your pumpkin pie.  Instead of wine, you can serve wine spritzer.  Whole-wheat dinner rolls are just as tasty as biscuits.
  • Skim off the fat
    You can do this with gravy and other sauces you can chill overnight.  The next day before serving, the fat will form a hardened layer on top which you can easily skim off.
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You can still have the best of your family’s Thanksgiving tradition with only a few small changes to keep the extra pounds off.  You need not put a damper on the feast while staying fit and healthy.

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