10 Best And Worst Fast-Food Sandwiches

SandwichUnless you know the nutritional impact of the sandwiches you’re ordering, you are likely to exceed your calorie limits when you eat at fast food restaurants.

Take a look at the list below to know the nutritional profile of the sandwiches offered by popular fast food chains and restaurants.

You’ll know which sandwiches have the highest calories and which can suit a healthy lifestyle.


The Tuna Melt Deli Sub is loaded with fatty cheese and mayo, causing you to exceed your daily fat limit. The sandwich has more than 1,200 calories, 19 grams of saturated fat and 1,3750 mg of sodium. The large one has 135 g of fat and 1,740 calories, which is more than what most women are required to take in a single day.

The small Honey Bourbon Chicken on Wheat is the healthier choice. It has only 300 calories, 2 g of saturated fat, 5 g of total fat and 790 mg of sodium. It comes with bourbon mustard instead of the fatty mayo. The fiber-rich bread and protein-packed chicken will satiate your hunger. A single fruit serving is a perfect side dish for this sandwich.


The Original Style Turkey Sandwich seems healthy at first glance. Although it has lean turkey, the sandwich surprisingly has more than 800 calories, 14 grams of saturated fat and 2,500 mg of sodium, most of which come from salami and high-fat cheese.

The healthier choice would be the Small Smoked Turkey Breast. It only contains 353 calories and a gram of saturated fat. The sandwich is packed with low-calorie ingredients like lettuce, low-fat mayo and tomato. However, this sandwich has high sodium content: 1,000 mg.


The Ultimate BLT Market Fresh Sandwich is packed with 850 calories, though it is only made of bread, bacon, mayo, lettuce and tomato. Its 1,680 mg sodium, 46 g fat and 10 g saturated fat are comparable to those of greasy fries and burgers. Dieters should also avoid the pecan chicken sandwich which has more calories.

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Arby’s Regular Roast Beef Sandwich has a more tolerable nutritional profile. It has no cheese, mayo and fatty sauce. With only 15 calories, its zero-fat sauce adds a nice taste. This sandwich has only 350 calories, 13 g of total fat, 4.5 g of saturated fat and 960 mg of sodium.


The 6” BLT Super Stacked sandwich should be the last thing a dieter should order when eating at Blimpie. This sandwich has 640 calories, 9 g of saturated fat, 41 g of total fat and 1,440 mg of sodium. The extra calorie comes from the specialty bread. Also avoid the large, double-stuffed subs. These sandwiches have 920-1,250 calories.

Go for the 6” Roast Beef and Provolone instead. This wheat sandwich has only 430 calories, 5 g of saturated fat, 14 g of total fat and 980 mg of sodium. You can reduce its calorie to 400 by skipping the sauce and cheese.


The Signature Chipotle Chicken on Artisan French Bread has 990 calories, 15 g of saturated fat, 56 g of total fat and 2,370 mg of sodium. The amount of sodium exceeds the daily limit for adults. Although the sandwich has lean chicken, the addition of bacon, sauce and cheddar has sent the total calorie soaring. Most panini sandwiches in other chains have 700-900 calories.

Smoked Turkey on Whole Grain Bread has less calories and fat. It has 99% fat-free turkey with tomato, lettuce, mustard  and mayo, all adding to 560 calories, 2.5 g of saturated fat, 17 g of total fat and 1,960 mg of sodium. Skip the mayo and you would get 60 calories less. Panera also offers a healthy apple salad for side dish.

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Burger King

Beware of the Tender Crisp Chicken Sandwich which comes with creamy dressing. The 800-calorie sandwich is the worst of all Burger King’s offerings with its 1,640 sodium, 46 g total fat and 8 g saturated fat. The sandwich exceeds the calorie and fat content of Whopper with cheese.

Dieters must go for the TenderGrill Chicken Sandwich, which is made of Ciabatta buns and grilled chicken filet topped with veggies. When served with mayo, it would have 470 calories, 7 g of saturated fat, 18 g of total fat and 1,180 mg of sodium. Without the mayo, you would get 100 less calories. This sandwich is loaded with low-calorie adds-on like pickles, mustard and onions.

Boston Market

The Homestyle Meatloaf and Cheddar Sandwich has 940 calories, 18 g of saturated fat and 40 g of total fat. The amount of saturated fat and sodium exceeds the daily limits for most adults.

The Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich has much lower calorie and fat. Removing the skin and the upper slice of the bread leaves you with 320 calories, 2.5 g of saturated fat, 8 g of total fat and 1,630 mg of sodium. Go for  multigrain bread for more fibers.


The high fat content of Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich should not be surprising considering McDonald’s reputation as the food chain of fatty fries and burgers. Fried chicken, rich mayo and bacon contribute to its 630 calories, 7 g of saturated fat, 28 g of total fat and 1,360 mg of sodium. The wheat bread, tomato and lettuce add some nutritional value. If the grilled chicken and mustard are used instead of fried chicken and mayo, this sandwich would be a healthier choice.

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The Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Wrap has moderate calories. Each tortilla has grilled chicken, lettuce and shredded cheese. It has only 260 calories, 3.4 g of saturated fat, 9 g of total fat and 800 mg of sodium. The chipotle versions have slightly more calories. Combined with a fruit and walnut salad, all servings would amount to 500 calories.


The 6” Double Meatball Marinara with Cheese can be considered too fatty considering the reputation of the restaurant as a provider of healthy foods. This large sub contains 860 calories, 18 g of saturated fat, 42 g of total fat and 2,480 mg of sodium. You should avoid the $5 special sub unless you can afford to overeat.

On the other hand, the 6” Black Forest Ham Sandwich only contains 6 grams of fat. Other low-calorie sandwiches come with roasted chicken, beef and turkey.  These sandwiches measure around 230-380 calories.


The Chicken Club Sandwich is a perfect choice if you want to break your calorie limits. It is packed with fried filet, bacon, mayo, cheese, tomato and lettuce, all contributing to 630 calories, 10 g of saturated fat, 31 g of total fat and 1,410 mg of sodium. You can slash more than 100 calories by substituting mayo with honey mustard and getting a grilled meat instead.

Dieters should go for Choose Wendy’s Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich instead. It has only 370 calories, 1.5 g of saturated fat, 7 g of total fat and 1,150 mg of sodium. It has grilled chicken, tomato, lettuce and tangy honey mustard.

Taking Side Dishes Into Account

Side dishes and drinks can add significant calories to the total meal. Beware of giant drinks, chips, fries and salads with fatty dressing. Healthier options are fat-free milk, plain water, low-calorie drinks and fruits.

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