7 Bad Foods That’s Surprisingly Good For Weight Control

Man Eating Raw Meat SteakDelicious foods are often the ones excluded from weight-reducing diet.

Most of them are high in saturated fat, sodium or preservatives.

However, some foods that suffer from bad reputation among dieters can actually aid in weight loss directly or indirectly.


Although they contain much fat, nuts are healthy foods. They have high amount of fibers and protein. They aid in sugar control and appetite control. The extra fats you would gain from nuts could be offset by the fats and calories you would forgo by losing your cravings for cookies and other sweet foods. It is also a good idea to include peanut butter in weight-loss diet. Research proved that peanut butter can curb appetite without adding extra weight.


Pork is commonly removed from the food list of dieters. It is always associated with fat, high calories and cholesterol. However, pork is now 31% leaner that it used to be two decades ago. Lean pork has a lot of proteins with the same nutritional value as those in lean beef.


Health experts always advise us to cut our red meat consumption. However, steak doesn’t always put additional inches in our waistline. Lean beef has almost the same amount of saturated fat as skinned chicken breast. Steak is rich in proteins, so it can stay long in your stomach and keep you from overeating. Sirloin tips, T-bones and other lean parts can give you a lot of proteins without adding much fat to your body. However, you should not consume more than the size of your fist.

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You don’t have to avoid pasta if you are in a diet. You can eat whole grain pasta instead of the common brands made of refined grains. Research showed that people who consume a couple of whole grain servings are more likely to lose weight or maintain a normal weight. It was shown that whole grains could aid in fat metabolism.


Unless you add too much creamer and sugar to it, coffee is a healthy drink. It boosts metabolism and has low fat and calories. Drinking two cups of coffee can help you burn as much as 50 calories in four hours.


Studies showed that calcium could help reduce weight by facilitating fat metabolism. Thus, including cheese, milk and yogurt to your diet could expedite weight loss. Calcium supplements do not give the same results, so stick to calcium-rich foods instead.


Egg does not fall in the same lot as those of the above foods, but its health benefits have been a subject of debates. Anyway, eggs are generally safe and nutritious. Eggs are rich in protein. Since protein is not metabolized instantly, eating eggs can prevent food cravings.

Moderation Is the Key

Almost any high-calorie foods can be included in a weight-reducing diet as long as they are taken in small quantities and a healthy lifestyle is practiced. Instead of eating a box of chocolate, stick to one bar a day. As a matter of fact, dietitians rarely encourage dieters to drop all their favorite foods because it would make it more difficult for them to control their unhealthy eating behavior.

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  1. David Clay says:

    As an avid pasta cooker, I have to agree with you!
    With any pasta, you can throw a type of “greens” and literally any vegetable and have a meal that can last you for a few days.

  2. First time I came to know that the high-calorie foods also can be included in a weight-reducing diet.

  3. asset management says:

    I never thought that some of the subject of the post can be used for weigh control. I just knew its contradicting to what other said.

  4. I have to avoid the pasta because it’s a huge trigger food for me. I can have steak, a salad, and a glass of wine and be satisfied!

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