Heart Problems During A Marathon

Heart Problem While RunningA marathon can be stressful due to its difficult tasks and long distance race. A new study have shown that a marathon can cause heart dysfunction if the challenger is not fit enough to handle the tasks of the event. A marathon can be strenuous and a physically healthy body should be considered before joining it.

While running provides a variety of health benefits, running for long distances can causes severe swelling of the heart muscles and blood flow is decreased due to lack of oxygen. A candidate who is not healthy and prepared will likely to cause heart problems according to the 2010 Canadian Cardiovascular Congress. Unwanted impairment of the heart may occur but it will only be temporary. Normal heart function will recover after a span of three months.

A study has shown that subjects of twenty marathon candidates were tested for MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to examine the condition of the heart. Other tests include blood and exercise testing that was done six to eight weeks before the marathon. Another test was completed two days after the marathon. Results showed that subjects who was physically fit and well prepared before the marathon had a low risk to experience temporary heart dysfunction during the race.

Regular exercises make the heart healthy by prevention of cardiovascular diseases but straining the heart too much is not healthy and can cause dangerous cardiovascular diseases.

Marathons don’t do well to most people. This was proven by a doctor in Canada. Without exercising the heart before a marathon, immediate muscle tension of the heart is risky.

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Cardiovascular condition can be improved with 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise daily. Consultation to a doctor and training with a professional before the marathon can decrease risk of cardiovascular stress.

Guide to a Successful Marathon

Over 40,000 candidates attend the New York City marathon annually. It is best to run if they had the proper training and clearance from the doctor.

The heart is only capable of managing long distances if it was trained for it. Training along with proper diet is very essential. Your trainer should guide you on what exercises to perform daily with regards to your body’s intensity. Do some daily stretching of the muscles. Regular check up should be done to diagnose underlying medical conditions before and after the marathon.

Marathons can really be a challenge. Start right by maintaining a healthy lifestyle – eliminating alcohol intake, smoking, and unhealthy food consumption. Remember that proper nutrition has a big impact on our health and how we function. Moderate intake of carbohydrates, fat, and protein will provide you enough calories for consumption during the race. Don’t fail to drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

You should also be mentally prepared for the event. Be positive and determined that your goal can be a success. Common training involves building of miles weekly until you reach long distances.

Marathons are not suitable for everyone. Certain conditions must be considered first before you are cleared to do it. Qualifications for a marathon is a healthy body and mind.

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