Unhealthy Living With Debts

Bad DebtsNowadays, financial crisis has been a major problem throughout the world due to the decline of economic status. One way to save people’s bills or satisfaction is debt. But are debts really helpful?

A credit card company has an average interest rate of 19%. Most people use credit cards because of instant financial need. But when these companies hunt you at the end of the month for payment, you burst out worrying. This is the reason why debt is not beneficial to your health. You end up undergoing stress and developing illness.

Credit card companies are everywhere promoting and informing clients that it is advantageous for them to use one. People are usually blinded to the fact that maintaining the minimum monthly bills would be difficult to comply. It is the companies who benefit more from the people because interest grows as clients are unable to pay and deactivating their account will cause them to pay full.

Debt is Such a Headache!

Debt is something you are uneasy with. Since it becomes a burden to you, thinking about it frequently can give you a headache. Our body’s line of defense is a coping mechanism against stress. If we are unable to handle stress, then you will get ill. Resistance from stress factors will not alter our physiological fitness.

When hormones, cortisol, and adrenaline are released in the body, it passes through the blood stream causing your blood pressure, respiratory rate and heart rate to increase. These are physiologic effects of stress and when this continues it often leads to ailments like heart disease, cancer, hypertension, and other stress-related illness.

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Studies have shown stress can decrease Leptin levels (a protein hormone that regulates appetite and metabolism) due to deprivation of sleep. Decreased Leptin levels in the body are the main cause of obesity.

How do You Solve Your Problem to Debt

Overcoming the problem to debt is not simple. It takes a long process and you need to have the determination.

  • Don’t spend too much. As much as possible, avoid overspending. Don’t purchase unnecessary things. Only use credit cards to pay important bills.
  • Have a list of your expenditures. Taking note of the amount and the things you bought would help you limit the use of credit cards. If you think you are incapable of paying the amount, then discipline yourself by not purchasing it.
  • Check all of your household bills. This is done to keep track of your expenses. If you have an extra income to pay it, then use it.
  • You must be disciplined and determined. The only way you can solve or overcome a problem is by how you handle yourself.

Save Money, Earn More

Instead of spending too much, why not save money or learn ways to gain more income? Create a spending plan of your own. Budget your expenses by sorting out your needs and household bills. Saving money can lower the amount of your debts. It won’t be difficult for you to pay it at the end of the month.

Another alternative is to find jobs to earn more money. Online jobs and auction are advantageous and accessible for earning profit.

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Eliminate One Card at a Time

Do you own 5 to 10 credit cards? Then start reducing it one at a time. Using many credit cards will add up to your worries. One way to start is by paying the highest interest card first, then the lowest one. This can only be possible if you change your spending ways. In order to attain a healthy lifestyle, disregard or lessen your debts.

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  1. pinky says:

    I will take the suggestions in mind, especially eliminating one card at a time until such time I get rid of all of them. Or maybe leave just one for real emergencies.

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