Shyness – Tips To Boost Confidence

ShynessAre you a timid type of person?

Are you afraid to show the world your talent and abilities?

Don’t be!

Break out of from your shell and show everyone the best assets you have.

Being shy is not a mental disorder but a personality problem. A shy person is scared of social events and meeting new people. They don’t want to perform or talk in public because they want less attention. They are often self- conscious, uncomfortable, or insecure.

What Causes Shyness

Being shy can originate from childhood. Experiences from your childhood years affect what you are in adulthood. Factors for shyness include genetics, past experiences, and social encounters.

The level of shyness depends on the individual. Slight reactions like blushing can be severe to others like panic attacks that can cause heart palpitations, excessive sweating, and nausea.

People who weren’t able to overcome shyness develop phobia in groups of people or anxiety disorder. They do everything just to avoid a certain situation or event.

Help For The Shy And Timid People

There are several approaches to help shy people bring back their self-confidence. One remedy is by taking natural remedies and homeopathic methods to decrease anxiety and stress during shyness.

Herbal supplements like Lavender, Passiflora incamata, and Melissa officinalis helps the body to relax.

A homeopathic ingredient, Gelsemium, is used to alleviate sweating and shaking.

Chocolatum manages rapid heartbeat and Silica is recommended for children who undergo nervous exhaustion.

Tips To Combat Shyness

  • Ask help from people you trust like your family and friends. Practice socializing by maintaining eye contact during conversations.
  • Know your insecurities. Is it because your fat or you find yourself ugly? Try to think positive and don’t feel ashamed of yourself.
  • Believe that no one is perfect in this world. Even a famous person has failures and insecurities.
  • Identify your talents and skills. Focus on that talent of yours and have a goal to improve it. Express yourself by drawing, singing, or dancing.
  • Be grateful of what you have. If you lack that self confidence, then learn to appreciate what you have in life. Eliminate the feeling of dissatisfaction.
  • Start a conversation by yourself first. Don’t wait for others to approach you. A simple compliment or smile when meeting new people is a great start.
  • Practice speech in front of the mirror. When conversing with someone, don’t make it too scripted. Go on with the flow. Sharing of ideas and personal experiences are always the best.
  • Find a group which matches your interest. Talking to a group with the same interest will allow you to open up your thoughts and feelings.
  • If you suddenly get nervous during a conversation, then make appropriate excuses by saying you need to go the bathroom or you need to get something. Give yourself time to calm down and organize your thoughts for a few minutes before you return back for a conversation.
  • Always be yourself. Don’t act as if you’re somebody else. Don’t be afraid to show your uniqueness to others. Your personality is a bridge in making new friends.
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  1. David Clay says:

    Great article, and great list of ways to combat shyness, as well!
    I have to agree, with something you said as well…most shyness stems from a personal moment in childhood and is different from person to person, as well but the number one thing people can do to combat this ugly feeling is just to be yourself.

  2. kasey281 says:

    Now a days most of all people are facing problem during interview and other stage performance. They just need to be confident so that they can face any type of challenge. The post you have made over here is really useful for other people and I am sure that this will be beneficial for them.

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