Dealing With Excessive Perspiration

Excessive SweatingPeople usually perspire with factors like too much heat, excessive exercise and workload, fever, and stress. The sweat usually has a cooling effect felt in the body. Sweat glands are present in our underarms, palms, soles, groin, and upper part of the lips. The Limbic System which consists of the hypothalamus is responsible for body functions like sweating.

Some people are embarrassed to experience excessive sweating. They sweat like water is poured to them. This condition is uncontrollable and it affects certain aspects of life like social relationships and low self-esteem.

Body odor is also related to excessive perspiration. Bacteria are likely to stay in moist areas of our body. With extreme moisture, body odor develops. Worrying about this condition is stressful but there is nothing more to be concerned about because excessive perspiration has a variety of treatment methods to consider.

Causes of Excessive Perspiration

Some causes of excessive sweating are detectable. One cause is because of underlying medical conditions such as hyperhidrosis (an abnormal activity of the sweat glands), infection, and anxiety disorders.

Others are symptoms of medical conditions like tuberculosis, parasites, hypoglycemia, liver disease, and autonomic dysfunction. This condition can sometimes be hereditary and developed in the early stage of childhood.

Immediate diagnosis should be done before medical conditions worsen. Examinations like paper and starch iodine tests measures the amount of perspiration and determine certain areas which causes the problem. Further medical tests may also be rendered for medical conditions that have symptoms of excessive sweating.

Treatment for Excessive Perspiration

Unwanted perspiration should be treated immediately. There are many treatment options which can help you solve the problem. You can use an antiperspirant such as deodorants or talcum powder to manage sweating and body odor. Doctors sometimes prescribe medications such as anticholinergic drugs that give a sedating effect and reduce perspiration of body secretions by drying them up. This is a risky option because it causes too much side effects and is not really highly recommended to use.

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Natural remedy is a beneficial treatment for excessive sweating. It is not only free from side effects but proven effective to use. Homeopathic ingredients like Nat mur, Lupulus, Castoreum, and Argentum Nitricum are efficient to alleviate sweating problems. Another herbal ingredient Syphilinum manipulates body fluids to its normal production.

Here’s a guide to easily manage excessive sweating at home:

  • Allow your skin to breathe. Prevent wearing fit clothes especially on moisture areas. As much as possible wear slippers, sandals, or open shoes.
  • If the weather is too hot, then wear clothing that are light in color to prevent absorption of heat in the body.
  • Consider having a healthy lifestyle by practicing proper hygiene, eating a balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables and drinking eight glasses of water a day to rehydrate your body.
  • Get rid of underarm hair by shaving or waxing it to prevent contamination from bacteria.
  • Avoid eating spicy foods because this is a factor for body odor.
  • Use deodorant or talcum powder to decease sweating.

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