The Ugly Truth Behind Beauty Culture

Cosmetic procedures and beauty products are so popular nowadays that the public turns a blind eye to the risks they entail. Take a look at the health risks posed by these unnecessary products and procedures.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal targets the hair follicles which are responsible for hair production. However, this procedure does not completely eliminate unwanted hair and may take a couple of months to complete. When done by an inexperienced dermatologist, laser hair removal can be very painful. Some people still experience regrowth of unwanted hair following laser treatment.

People who underwent laser hair removal tend to develop sensitivity to sun. Razor still remains the safest option for hair removal. For those people who are considering laser hair removal, consider using five-blade razor instead.


This procedure only removes 10 pounds of body fat, not much considering the risks and pain from the surgery. Odorous fluid leaks out from wounds during recovery. Patients have to endure swelling for months since liposuction damages capillaries and thereby kills tissues by restricting blood flow. The chance of death is 1 out of 5,000 procedures.

You can skip the risks and pain from the surgery by using Phen375, a safer, fat burning weight loss solution. Very few weight loss products available without prescription are as effective as Phen375.

Body Piercing

Ear piercing seldom lead to complications, although allergy or infections can result from the metal earrings. However, piercing other delicate areas of the body poses higher risks.

Nipple piercings may need a year-long recovery period. Moreover, scarring could prevent infants from getting enough breast milk. Ornaments pierced into genitals can tear condoms, cause wounds, and increase exposure to diseases like STD. Tongue jewelry could damage teeth and be swallowed accidentally, which often happens.

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Toe Shortening

Can anyone think of a sensible reason why normal toes have to be shortened? Some women get their toes shortened for the mere reason of vanity. Smaller feet look good in high-heel shoes, but does it really justify this cosmetic procedure which cuts off the toe bone? Although the long-term effect of toe shortening is yet to be established, the procedure is likely to cause arthritis in the latter years. Anyway, women who can afford a $10,000 surgery can definitely pay the succeeding medical bills arising from surgical complications.

Permanent Makeup

For some women, having a permanent makeup saves time. They do need to apply makeup every day. Their lips and eyes never lose their artificial colors throughout the day.

The drawback of permanent makeup is that it is difficult to undo. Women who get sick of the same colors or do not get the desired outcome cannot get rid of their permanent cosmetic easily. As human preferences are likely to change with the passage of time, permanent cosmetic seems to cause inconvenience more than personal satisfaction.


Botox treatment involves injecting a paralyzing toxin in the face. This anti-wrinkle procedure poses serious health risks. Botox or botulinum toxin belongs to the rank of the deadliest natural substances. Although used traditionally to treat muscle disorders, it has been associated with respiratory failure and death. Botox is currently under FDA’s scrutiny.

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is the last resort to weight control. This invasive procedure changes the gastrointestinal tract by shrinking the stomach, thus severely reducing the ability to absorb food.

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The most common technique is gastric bypass. More than 40 percent of gastric bypass procedures lead to serious complications within six months, which include chronic diarrhea or hernia. The body tends to react negatively to such procedure which interferes with natural nourishment.

If you want to loose weight safely, it’s advisable not to go for surgeries. A safer, fat burning weight loss solution would be Phen375. Period!


This teeth jewelry is very popular among the hip hop crowd. Although grill may make one look toothless, many are willing to pay large bucks just to wear this jewelry. Even poor youth find a way to get grill. Eventually, what they got are tooth decay and gum diseases.

Penis Enhancement

Penis enhancement surgery can cause deformity and nerve damage. Penis enhancement is rarely undertaken by respectable surgeons. This procedure is only recommended to men who got their penis damaged due to accident or cancer.

Skin Whitening

Cheap medications often lead to the deadliest complications. Beware that a number of topical whiteners have a high level of mercury. This chemical is harmful to the kidneys and may lead to nerve damage. Another harmful chemical in skin products is hydroquinone. The cancer-causing chemical is now banned in Europe. Hydroquinone has been used to lighten birthmarks or patchy discolorations caused by vitiligo, a pigmentation disorder.

Skin whitening is prevalent in Asia and Latin America where the society associates beauty with being light-skinned. Unfortunately, the health risks of skin whitening are left largely unnoticed.

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