The Advantage of Rehabilitation Centers In Treating Addiction

Rehab CenterNews often report famous celebrities and politicians going to rehab because of alcohol and drug abuse. They are confined in a special rehabilitation center exclusive with first class treatment including a spa. Being confined in the rehab for a month is very expensive because of insurance.

Success of treatment in rehab centers depend on the desire of the person involved. Not all treatment in the rehab center is effective. Therapies outside rehab provide the same effectual results equal with rehab centers.

Treatment in the Rehabilitation Center

  • Patients in the rehab center are detoxified. Patients are stabilized and are taught to cope up with symptoms experienced from problems such as depression.
  • Patients undergo therapy programs in the rehab to help them relate to their mental problems and stressful experiences in life.
  • Cognitive therapy. This will help patients know the main cause of their addiction. They set up goals to make alternatives that will improve their current situation.
  • Family therapy. Support networks are very important because this is the only way patients can open up with their problems. They are more comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings to their loved ones.
  • Medications are given to patients to reduce abuse of drugs, alcohol, and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Doctors recommend a one year treatment for all patients to fully recover from addiction.


Addiction is a behavioral problem. Treatment for addiction takes a long process. Personality is difficult to change. It needs thorough and continuous therapies for a person’s behavior towards something to improve. Determination and discipline is essential to patients because it is only through self-motivation where they can change themselves. The goal of most treatment is applying abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

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50% of patients recover from rehab centers but others who experiences addiction again personally goes back to rehab for behavioral treatment. A treatment will only be a success if the patient will comply to his/her therapy schedule. Several treatments should be done every week in a span of one year.

Some rehabilitation centers are very expensive which the rich can only afford. A rehab center like Sierra Tucson costs $1,200 of treatment services a day. The center is complete with facilities like a pool, spa, and gym. Recovery activities are offered to patients as their treatment process. Inpatient care in RightStep chain is more affordable for $8,500 a month. You need to find a suitable clinic for your treatment needs. The staff, doctor, and therapists should be highly qualified and certified. Ask your doctor for recommendations on the right facility to stay in.

Most celebrities, professionals and politicians are confined in expensive rehab centers but encounters difficulty in recovery. They are prone to drinking and taking drugs because of many social events like parties, concerts, production numbers, and political promotion. It is difficult for them to neglect abuse of alcohol and drugs because they think they have accomplished everything in life. It is difficult for them to accept the fact that their addiction is their failure in life.

Qualifications for Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient care is medical treatment in a hospital, clinic, or other facility. Inpatient care is suitable for patients whose community or family are alcohol or drug addicts. This is to prevent them from being influenced to that kind of environment for proper treatment to take place. Others who are qualified for inpatient care are individuals who are homeless in an environment influenced with drugs and alcohol. But the only problem inpatient care involves is expenses for daily treatment.

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Drug and alcohol addiction will just block our chance of achieving a healthy lifestyle. It is better to prevent it now than spend thousands of dollars for treatment in rehab.

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