The Great Escape – Ways To Have A Stress Free Vacation

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Are you planning for a vacation? Then be prepared and leave your worries before you take a flight. Who wouldn’t want a perfect getaway? So before you pack your bags, prepare yourself. Here are some of the problems encountered when having a vacation.

Wanted: Vehicles for Transportation

What would you prefer, a car, truck, bus, train, or plane? These are some common vehicles to choose from when traveling. Before choosing a vehicle to ride in, you must consider the date of your vacation. If it hits a holiday, then airports, buses, and trains would be jammed by travelers. So, choose a date that doesn’t hit holidays or schedule a trip months before your flight.

If you’re planning for a road trip, prepare a map or travel gadgets for directions. Make sure to be updated regarding weather conditions and traffic news as this may change from time to time. As much as possible prevent delays by taking note of peak travel hours. Remember to always put safety first. Most people drive early in the morning or late at night to prevent traffic jams. This can be very dangerous because you might still be drowsy and fall asleep while driving for seconds. The best thing you could do is play music or if someone from the family member is awake, have a chat with them.

Airport Security

Sometimes your vacation may be delayed when boarding in the airport because you might forget that bringing some things is not allowed on plane. Prohibit yourself from bringing lighters, firearms, sharp objects, athletic equipment that can be used as weapons, and liquids. Be smart enough to leave these things at home. No one has ever passed the airport without security check.

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When carrying your luggage, keep all valuable items like money, jewelry, electronic in a safe compartment. Thieves are everywhere, so beware of your surroundings. Don’t trust anyone right away.

The metal detector is always there. So remove unnecessary things in your body especially if it contains metal to speed up the process of checking. Remember to put things like mobile phones, jackets, gadgets in its proper container for X-ray screening.

Don’t Deprive Yourself from Sleep

You might get to excited to travel so you tend to wake up in the morning or sleep late at night. You might be busy packing things up that you lack the time to sleep. Sleepless nights can cause stress. Another problem according to passengers is jet lag. This is caused by long distance travel that prevents you from sleeping well in another place. Recovery from jet lag takes days.

Lack of sleep can cause mood swings and irritation. Instead of exploring new places, you end up sleeping and won’t be able t enjoy your trip. Studies have shown that shortage of sleep for two hours can affect your activities. Driving and other activities like diving, biking, and hiking would be too risky for you.

Here are some tips to prevent sleep deficit:

  • Preparation ahead of time is a priority. Start preparing your baggage a week before your vacation. This will not consume your time and will even have time to rest the day before you go.
  • Try to deal with jet lag. Schedule you vacation activities at the right time wherein your body clock can manage. One helpful way is to get much sleep as possible.
  • Boost your activities with naps. Taking naps can save energy for further activities during the trip.
  • Take caffeinated drinks when necessary. Drinking coffee can keep you awake but you need at least 100 to 200 mg of caffeine for it to take effect.
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Avoid Work During Vacation

Do you check out emails or accept phone calls during vacation? Then your vacation is busted! Don’t be a workaholic. You don’t need to work when you’re on vacation. That will just ruin you planned activities or your time with the family. Sometimes people have a difficult time surrendering their jobs even in vacation because they feel stressed to the demands of having their work done. Instead of enjoying the trip, they are busy using their laptops or mobile phones and do feel guilty of not working. Situations like these can cause anxiety and depression to workers.

Here are some guides to ease out the stress:

  • Open up with your employer. Discuss that there is time for work and time for personal life. Point out to him that office hour is for work and vacation is a time for relaxation.
  • Less business contact. Turn off your mobile phones and keep your lap top in the course of fun activities. Limit yourself from using the lap top or phone to one hour.
  • Reflect on your current job. If you feel that your job is a burden to your leisure time then think about the effects of it in your current situation- whether it has a negative or positive impact to your life.

Children on Board

A family vacation with kids contributes stress to parents especially that you have to do all the packing and preparations for them. Everything will work out fine if traveling with children is properly managed.

Follow this guideline to manage children on vacation:

  • Discuss your vacation with the family members. Get the opinions of each family member regarding vacation spots and activities. Sharing of ideas is important to have a concrete vacation plan. Give the kids space on their own during vacation and the couple can have a one night dinner date together. Take note of the children’s need to fulfill the best out of the trip.
  • Be prepared of unexpected situations. You’ll never know what will happen during your vacation. As much as possible, parents should be prepared if ever one activity is canceled. Organized alternatives in case of emergency.
  • Take time to unwind and enjoy. You can’t visit all the tourist spots in a certain place because it will consume most of your time. Even if you miss to visit some of the attractions, what’s important is that you have the time for relaxation. The true meaning of vacation is not only exploring but interaction, relaxation, and most of all memories together with the family.
  • As much as possible, leave the kids behind. Traveling with kids takes so much effort for the parents because instead of enjoying and relaxing, most of their time will be spent taking care of the kids and watching over them all the time. You can leave the kids with a relative or a trusted babysitter. It doesn’t mean that parents are being irresponsible leaving kids behind. Sometimes parents need to have some time alone together even for a few days to interact with one another leading to a healthy relationship. A happy and united couple is a base for a strong family foundation.
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