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Working While On VacationAre you workers who are deprived from taking a vacation? Are you a workaholic? You might want to jump off a cliff working all year! A survey showed that 23% of the Americans have the tendency to check work- related emails and phone calls during vacations. Some doesn’t even feel the need of having a vacation. With this state of working status, employees may experience exhaustion, poor working abilities, unsuccessful relationships, depression and illness.

US is in crises concerning demands from employees to work long hours and less day offs. People have been working so hard because this is what companies are expecting from them and this is where imbalance of all aspects in life starts.

Among Canada, Great Britain, France, Australia, Germany, America has the fewest vacation days rendered by companies. Survey also showed that out of 14 vacation days given to employees, Americans disregard 4 of their vacation time. Employees reason out that they are too busy to have a getaway and they earn more money from not using vacation days.

Target on Being Efficient

As human beings, we don’t want to make mistakes. We hate failures and we don’t want to be left behind. We want to be competitive in our workplace but this is because we don’t want to suffer in distress. Work is regarded as respectable. People are honored by the kind of work they’re in.

A lazy person has no room for efficiency. Employees sometimes think that being effective in work means that they can do everything independently. That’s why when they’re in a vacation, they always check on their work and makes sure that everything is okay. They aren’t satisfied leaving work and their mind is focused on their availability to do the work.

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Facing the Outcome of Less Day offs

We are human beings, not robots. So, employees need to take a break. Working all day can be stressful. With too much effort exerted, your body’s system might fail causing you to develop an illness. Too much work is also an origin of depression.

Vacations are essential for working people. It can be beneficial by regenerating back your energy as well as being positive in mind and body. Work-related issues shouldn’t be a burden as you travel. Instead of thinking about work, why not venture to new places and enjoy your time even for a few days of vacation so that when you get back at your workplace, your vitality will level up.

Too much work will result to stress therefore a person’s productivity and creativity in work is diminished. Don’t strain too much on your family and social life. Find out ways to have personal time with your family and friends. Learn to balance every aspect of your life to have a healthy lifestyle.

8 Ways to Balance Work-Vacation

1. Contemplate on what you really want in your life

Find the root of your attitude in work. Did you have that idea from someone who works overtime and earns money but suffers from depression? Does productivity mean you need to work long hours just to succeed? You make your own choices. Think about what’s right and healthy for you.

2. Schedule your vacation in advance

Plan your vacation weeks or a month before you depart to prepare your co-workers and to finish all projects on deadline. Inform your co-workers or boss about your planned vacation and have someone manage your responsibilities while you are on leave.

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3. Inform your boss ahead of time

Talk to your boss that you need time to take a break. Show him that you are determined to do your job and it doesn’t mean taking a break is a lack of interest.

4. Analyze on the good points

You’re work and workplace wouldn’t be gone even if you’re not there. It will remain as it is as you get back from vacation. Nothing changes except that a new and better you is ready to work again and contribute to the company.

5. Limit business communication during vacations

Turn off your mobile phone and keep your lap top in the hotel room whenever you’re visiting attractions or participating in events. Limit access to phone calls and emails by scheduling a time for it.

6. Set boundaries on communication

If you’re available every day, limit the time of communication with your co-workers. Inform them of the available time they can communicate with you. Focus on the importance that setting boundaries is showing respect for one another.

7. Learn to value your personal life

Is someone waiting at you when you get home? Someone who would take care, converse and cook for you? Having a partner in life is important. You have someone to share your problems with and support you with everything you do. Relationships can provide you with a satisfying life and can increase your level of professionalism in your workplace.

8. Quality time works a long way

An hourly break each day where you can relax is good for you. Spending quality time with social life takes a long way for improvement. There are 365 days to deal with, two, three, or more vacation time wouldn’t hurt that much. There’s more time to work but if you messed things up by only focusing on work, then there’s no turning back anymore.

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