Workaholism – Addicted To Work

WorkaholismAre you addicted with working all day long? Is your social life dull as stone? If yes, then your personal life must be a mess! You belong to what the society call – the workaholics.

Japan is known for workaholics. The streets of Japan is very busy and crowded whenever the Japanese goes to work. Statistics have shown that Japan has an estimation of 1000 deaths per year caused by heart attack as a result of overwork. 3% of Netherlands population experience by what they call leisure illness. What is this so called illness? This is when workaholics feel ill during non working days than their working days. Another country in which workaholics strikes is the US, in which most companies reward of.

Who are workaholics? They may not be aware that their health is in danger and they don’t realize that they’re suffering from compulsive obsessive disorder. It doesn’t mean that they enjoy their work or they are working hard but they have this feeling that they are obliged to do it.

Being Workaholic is Not Equal to Being Industrious

Hard workers are totally different to workaholics. Why? It is because industrious people have a balance life. They are working hard to achieve a goal like promotion or salary increase and they still have time for other activities while workaholics only think about their work physically and mentally. Workaholics don’t go out from the box. Their thoughts of recreational activities and social affairs are sealed like a box. They don’t manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Anyone can be a victim of being a workaholic. A married man who has children may be a workaholic by ignoring his time for his family and friends and has the need to work even in vacations. They often realize about their obsession whenever this results to terminal illness or divorce from marriage.

Adrenaline Rush

Most people think that once they are successful, everything is perfect. You may excel in your work and have a good relationship with your co-workers. But sometimes success in work doesn’t mean success in life. You may be good at work but horrible outside it. You tend to ponder about having a partner but can’t commit on one because you’re too busy in your workroom.

Studies have shown that workaholics experience the need of adrenaline rush. The adrenaline rush is a cause of their addiction. They prefer applying to stressful jobs in order to activate the adrenaline rush they’re experiencing.

What is adrenaline rush? It is an activity of the adrenal gland which releases adrenaline wherein you feel a rush of energy causing you to be hyper.

Nowadays, many women are workaholics because they are the ones more exposed in the working area. These women are unable to supply the needs and time for the family. They have an imbalanced life due to the decline of fun and spirituality.

From Childhood to Adulthood

Psychologist often relates this kind of disorders on a person’s childhood. This is cause by the low self-esteem in which the person was involved with during childhood. We all know that your attitude depends on how your parents brought you up. Personality development is first molded at home since birth.

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Children that come from a problematic family, family who are smokers or alcoholics, or family who are so perfectionist will likely grow up to be a workaholic. As a parent, don’t expect too much from your children. It is better to believe on them and not force them to aim high grades and be perfect in everything. You need to compliment them with their little accomplishments because if not, these children will not be satisfied when they grow. They might even crave for more even if it’s enough just to obtain their parents’ approval.

Workaholics are perfectionist; they are just walking in circles. They have no finish line but continue to have goals even when they’re at the top of it. They are not regarded as the best employees because they achieve for too much in their workplace but gains less outside their boundaries.

The Different Types of Workaholics

Workaholics are disorganized people because they are not into teamwork. Since they are perfectionist, they have a difficult time trusting their co-workers which makes them ineffective employees.

According to research, there are 4 types of workaholics.

  1. Bulimic workaholics – often exert too much effort in projects that they end up incompetent during the deadline.
  2. Relentless workaholic – busy working on two or more projects at a time causing them to miss careful analysis of the results.
  3. Attention-deficit workaholics – best in brainstorming but can’t finish a project because they lose interest and desires for another one.
  4. Savoring workaholics – the ones who consumes so much time in projects. They want it to be perfect thus missing deadlines because they have to do it all over again.
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What is the Solution?

If ever one of these signs fits you, then here’s a solution to help you out. One of the most effective ways of help is counseling or support groups. You will definitely learn how to balance your life and comprehend the importance of family, friends, and hobbies. You might also want to talk to your family and friends about your addiction and this will produce a clear understanding of your problem.

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  1. Lenzy says:

    I was just like this before.. I really really love my job to the fullest. At home-overnight and day, I keep on working. I almost forgot my meal and I was about to forget myself too. Later on, I found out I had an ulcer… I suffered 1 week fever and headache due to low body resistance and end up lying on my bed. That was really a mess!!! Now? I learned…

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