The Pleasure of Having Your Job

Happy WorkerPeople often get into a job they were forced to or aren’t just contented with it. Why suffer when you can find ways to like an unlikable job? Determination is a must! Change might be a long process but it will pay off at the end. Think about people who are unemployed. You are fortunate enough to have a job of your own which means you are able to pay your bills or acquire your wants and needs in life. As much as possible, prevent yourself from quitting your job or resign when you’re 100% sure there’s an available job for you. Studies have shown that people can enhance their employment status by finding what is right for them or attitude wise, be a positive thinker.

Determining the Right Choice

You are what you are. This means that your interests determine your personality. This will reflect on the kind of job you want to pursue. People vary from different needs and motivations. A person might want that job for financial reasons. Others might only want a higher position for reputation. It actually depends on a person’s responsibility in life. But as time goes by, people consider new changes in needs. A person who is single before is now limited in his working hours when he becomes a married man with kids. Of course, much of the time will be spent hanging out with his family. Others who have wants in life like a new car or house will be very determined to work long hours to meet the needed amount for what he’s planning for. A survey showed that most people will only gain satisfaction in work when he is respected and honored. People may hate their work because they are oppressed to the thought they are not paid well or disrespected by their employer and co-workers. Others are very contented with their work no matter how difficult or easy it is to them. Before you enter a job, make sure that right choices are made. Consider the possibilities and perceived the actual setting of the job before you apply on it.

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Change, We Fear It, but We Can’t Stop it from Coming

What do you want to be when you grow up? When we were kids our parents, teachers, classmates, and relatives would often ask us that question. Our answers frequently involve professional work like doctors, engineer, teacher, etc. But even if we pursue that dream someday, some are still unsatisfied. Being a professional is so stressful! That is a fact. Example, a doctor is very busy entertaining clients until all is done. He has to spend sleepless nights and answers an emergency call whenever he’s already sleeping in bed. Sometimes they even don’t realize that they are suffering from depression. The secret to solving the mystery of dissatisfaction is enthusiasm. Take extra time for relaxation and seek help from family and friends by sharing your problem. This will definitely contribute to your healthy lifestyle. Professional medical help is also a must in guiding you through depression. Divert your attention to activities like mediation, exercise, movies, or a date with family and friends. They will surely ease out your stress and will even guide you in figuring out solutions from your problems. We can’t deny the fact that people have mental problems like clinical depression, anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder but they’re not deprived from working. Proper medical guidance, treatment, and support from family members are very important. With a positive outlook in life, we can make a change.

The Last Option

For a person who lives in a small community with fewer opportunities, changing a job is a big no! There is no solution left but to focus on their job. We can seek contentment in your current job by asking yourself what can make you happy. Solutions may include talking to your boss about it or by adding/subtracting your hours of work, whatever can please you. Your attitude also plays a big role in your search of contentment. Instead of quitting your job, you can attend seminars, trainings to be more educated; thus this will result for a promotion in the future. Be optimistic and trust yourself in everything that you do. With perseverance and optimism, you will learn to love the job you hated.

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