Seeing The World Through Rose-Colored (Eye)glasses

Throughout our lives up to the early part of our adulthood, most of us have been blessed with a clear 20/20 vision. We are able to see and distinguish a myriad of objects and read signs and printed material of various sizes with nary of difficulty. Some are even blessed with “super eyesight” – or “eagle eyes”.

Alas, more often than not when one’s youth is gone so is one’s 20/20 vision. Typically, people who are pushing 40 are the ones who start experiencing a decline in the clarity of their vision. It might be hard to admit at first but for most people 40 seems to be the age where seeing anything clearly necessitates the use of eyeglasses.

For new eyeglasses-wearing “converts” having something holding on their noses and latched to their ears could really take some getting used to. This is why they prefer eyeglasses that would not “interfere” with their day-to-day activities, one that would not seem too obvious on their faces and which would not have them bring another pair in their pockets or purse to replace the one they are wearing when going from indoors to outdoors. Quite a complicated-sounding pair of eyeglasses, we know.

Having some faith and confidence in the advances of technology can surely make finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses a cinch. With the help of the internet people needing eyeglasses can start their search by going to – they just have to make sure to have the time to browse through the 200,000+ frames have in their database.

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At you not only get to specify the type of frames you need but you also get to choose the look you want your eyeglasses to have – be it retro, vintage or modern. Do you want to have eyeglasses made out of a specific material like titanium or ultra-lightweight plastic? You can find those too at

If you are having a hard time finding a pair that fits your face perfectly – whether your face is too small or too wide, is bound to have the perfect pair for you. Whatever brand, color, style you prefer or fashion statement you want to make carries them all.

After you have chosen your frame from the 200,000+ models in their database, you can proceed to choose your lenses by getting in touch with their staff who will be more than willing to hand-hold you through all the steps to ensure you get the prescription lenses you need. Don’t have the time to call them? send them an email instead. Assuring that you get the perfect pair of eyeglasses is their vision of service.

Aside from top-notch customer service, they take pride in having prices that are at least 40% lower than most retail stores. Shop around and see for yourself if you don’t want to take our word for it.

Add to their lower prices, what makes getting a pair of eyeglasses from them even more worthwhile is their 30-day refund policy which is made even better by their ‘Perfect Lenses” guarantee. So what more can you ask for?

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