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The blog Not Just Apples is a nice place to come across some very interesting cuisines. Simplicity is the keyword here and the site has a clean uncluttered look to it. Everything about the site is well organized and there are lots of open spaces, which is very unlike many sites that would like to cram in every conceivable thing onto every available space. There aren’t any rampant use of colors in the site but it still manages to be pleasing to the eye. Those who’d like things colorful may find Not Just Apples a bit bland, but in keeping with the over simple theme, the site is truly lively and a cheerful place to be. And there aren’t any ads that tend to intrude upon you or kinda hit upon you. Whatever present has been kept to a minimum and are unobtrusive at best.

The focus of the site is low gi carb food and ways to prepare them. The intention is to include only those foods that are overtly healthy and nutritious, something that would like to make you that one step closer towards good health and overall well being. That the author herself is a champion of good food is perhaps the biggest advantage here. And she is not one to just limit her culinary adventures to consuming them, rather she is ever too happy to prepare them on her own and is always on the lookout for newer delicacies and ways to make them, the only point here being that the food that she eats or recommends to others has to conform to the highest standard of good health and nutrition.

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Navigating the site is easy or rather super easy, one reason for which is there isn’t too many links to bog you down. So you can go around at ease and there are no chances of getting lost. All the links do work and take you to the intended place. The writing style is easy and it isn’t at all difficult to pick up what is being harped upon. The site presents a lot of pictures of delicacies spread out. Click on them and if you thought you will be taken to a page that would let you know how that has been prepared, well that’s not to be. Rather you will be greeted with a bigger picture of the same thing. You will have to hit the back button to come back to where you started from. But then, you do come across links here and there that would take you to another site containing the relevant recipe.

The usual search option that we have come to be sort of used to in almost all the sites that we visit is however missing here. So it’s not that you can put in an item or a food name and hit the search button and everything relevant to the search keyword shows up. The site works in a rather different way. It’s about someone who is obsessed with delicious but nutritious food and is eager to share with us anything that she find’s exciting. And if you haven’t got it already, the site focuses on food that would trickle your taste buds all right but has been made without in any way sacrificing the nutrition side of it just for making it all the more appealing. As the author, Alissa, would herself say, she’d like to cook differently to make it more nutritious but it won’t be easy to pick up if wholegrains or meat substitutes have been used.

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Coming to the food items that the site features, you will come across those that perhaps encompass the most varied type. So while there’s a recipe for Pear and Almond Torte, you will also come across something that is as different as the Swedish Hönökaka recipe. Also, you won’t have to posses the most exemplenary culinary skills to make the most of the recipes that’s available here. In fact, what is put up here can be tried out by even the average person possessing just the bare basics of cooking knowledge. Also, at the risk of repeating myself, the site isn’t one that intends to present you with lots and lots of recipes. Rather, the only focus here is on food that scores on the nutrition front without in anyway having to do away with the delicacy bit. Though if you want recipes, you can click on the favorite recipes section at the top right corner that contains everything that appeals to the author. And all of it has been arranged in the most convenient manner so you will know which food item would be best suited for breakfast or dinner and so on. Then there are also quite a few links on the right side that would take you to other sites or blogs where you will have a lot of information about foods as well as ways to make them.

So, all in all a nice site where you will come to know of a person who is on an exciting journey into the world of food. Someone who is obsessed with healthy and nutritious food that would also taste just as good. You will know eating healthy does not necessarily mean having to do away with a delicious meal. Rather Not Just Apples is about the perfect match between delicacy on the one hand and nutrition on the other.

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