Survivor Foods – 10 Foods You Cannot Live Without

Imagine yourself marooned on an island. Assuming you get your daily protein and omega-3 fatty acid supply from spearing fresh fishes, you would have to search for other food. You simply have to relieve your need for vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

In this thought, some foods must be ubiquitous in a healthy lifestyle. At most, you must not be found without them on your next camping trip. Your pantry should not be caught sans them in stock.

Better keep the following at hand!


Stock up on blueberries and nourish yourself with its mammoth cache of antioxidants. They have so much antioxidant properties within them that they are colored dark blue.

For instance, blueberries boast of high tannin and ellagic acid content. These fruits are, of course, also a great source of vitamin C.  As such, they serve as stoppers to UTI or urinary tract infections. To an extent, they could also enhance your vision and mental health.

Blueberries could be eaten either preserved or fresh.


Lycopene has one of its best sources in tomatoes. The said antioxidant prevents eaters from developing debilitating conditions such as heart disease, cancer and bone loss.

Tomatoes are also loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber.


Like tomatoes, broccoli contains many antioxidants, such as sulforaphane, which work as an anti-carcinogen. It is also high in vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, folate, potassium, calcium and fiber. It can be eaten either steamed or raw, but either way it would help safeguard you from heart disease and certain cancers. For expectant mothers, broccoli can prevent congenital defects.

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Because they are fatty and fibrous, nuts make for potent stomach fillers, reducing your hunger. They are fatty in a good way, in that they contain only unsaturated fats.

Nuts pack so many nutrients in one seed, like protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, selenium, folate, magnesium and copper.

Choose from a wide variety of nuts, i.e. walnuts, almonds, pecans and Brazil nuts.


Nothing sates your bodily needs quite like oranges. These fruits are partly composed of flavonoids, known to inhibit the growth of certain cancers and keeping heart disease at bay.

As a citrus, the fruit offers heaps of vitamin C. They’re likewise a rich source of fiber and folate. Furthermore, it is teeming with potassium, which helps normalize the blood pressure.


Veggies of the first order, carrots are popular provenances of the beta-carotene, which is a potent antioxidant, as well as vitamin A and fiber. At the least, they can improve your eyesight, at most protect you from cancer.

Red wine

One glass of alcoholic beverages every day could actually benefit the heart, says the US Dietary Guidelines and the American Heart Association. Red wine, in particular, bursts at the brim with antioxidants like flavonoids and reservatol.


No wonder why some English men and women have low cholesterol levels. Sipping tea gives you a chance to fend off heart failure and certain types of cancer.

Whole-grain cereal

Fiber, protein and magnesium thrive in a bowl of whole-grain cereals.

Canned beans

They are great fonts of protein, carbohydrates, iron, fiber and a lot more nutrients. Its fiber is soluble, meaning they reduce bad cholesterol even as they stabilize the sugar levels in your blood.

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5 Responses

  1. donkeyB says:

    These fruit is totally good for health and we cannot deny that fact. But we can eat them all in a meal. How to create a reasonable menu including them?

  2. All the foods i love to eat in my regular diet, mabe you could have a borccoli, tomato, orange, bean and nut salad with fresh lemon dressing, very nice, mabe with a nice tea or fresh carrot juice, that will get the immune system going.

  3. Bryan says:

    Tea is #1 on my list cause I really love drinking teas especially green tea. I don’t know canned beans is good for the health as I’m not really a big fan of canned foods.

  4. Randy keith says:

    Super interesting to know that certain everyday foods that we consume are such a rich source of flavanoids and and anti-oxidants…For a tea lover like me, its interesting to know that it helps avoid certain types of cancer and heart failure..great piece of information. Thanks

  5. Chad O. says:

    That’s a pretty good list… If I could add one more, I would add garlic… It’s so good for you and can keep your immune system running a functioning at its best.

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