Amber Alert GPS – Child Location Device That Gives Parents Peace Of Mind

A meager $200 is all that is needed to get that gadget which can put to rest the horrendous anxiety that most parents suffer from when their loved child goes missing. Amber Alert GPS delivers to you the solution to track your child irrespective of whether it is an indoor or outdoor location. It even has an easy to use SOS button with support for Geo-Fencing and has the ability to send speed alerts so that you’ll know when your child is doing above the speed limit.

The child locator device itself comes for $199 though there is a recurring monthly service involved which can be anywhere between $19.99 and $49.99 based on usage. The monthly charges levied cater for the services of both GPS as well as cellular technology that Amber Alert GPS uses to provide its real time tracking solution.

The child tracking device sports extremely compact dimensions of just 1.8 x 2.5 x 0.65 inches at which it resembles a small pager of the older times.

Functioning of the Amber Alert GPS

An SMS capable cell phone is necessary for you to receive location alerts using the Amber Alert GPS. This since the GPS child locator operates entirely via an SMS messaging system. This is the most apparent difference that can be observed between this device and other GPS tracking devices.

The procedure to locate the GPS is to dial the number associated with the SIM card installed on the Amber Alert GPS device. The call is routed automatically to the voicemail facility. After hanging up on the call, an SMS containing information of the GPS device location would be received back on the mobile phone. This information however would not give any decipherable data unless the same is pasted into a web browser.

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Amber Alert GPS has the facility of accepting five cell phones to which it would respond. Facility to lock the GPS to these cell phones by sending a special SMS to the GPS child locator from these cell phones is also available.

If the GPS child locator is called up using an internet enabled mobile like a Blackberry or Apple iPhone, a simple click on the return SMS would display the location information of the GPS child tracking device in a much more readable format.

Not only the lat/long details of the GPS could then be viewed, even the location of the GPS against a map of the area is viewable on the display screen of a smart phone. Along with this, one gets information regarding the current date and time and also the battery signal details all of which are of great relevance.

The child locator device has the ability to send its location details to the linked cell phones on its own and can be activated by simply pressing and holding down the button marked SOS on the GPS. This action results in SMS being dispatched to all the linked cell phones, which contain the location details of the GPS and is sent 3 times within the duration of 10 minutes. The incoming alert messages however can be stopped by any one of the linked mobile responding with a “help me” text to the GPS child tracking device.

It could have been an added advantage if the alert were also sent as an email or if the duration of 10 minutes could have been extended to longer periods. But the present alert features very much commensurate the price of $200 the child locator device comes at.

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The GeoFence feature that the Amber Alert supports is indeed a very useful feature, more so for parents of younger children as this allows them to pre-define a geographic boundary within which they would like their child to remain confined. Whenever the child locator device traverses out of this pre-defined area, an alert is activated and received by all the linked mobile devices. It is needless to say how priceless this feature can be for parents when it comes to keeping tab of their little ones.

GeoFence can also be used to be intimated of any movement of the Amber Alert GPS. The procedure for doing this commences by sending a request alert SMS to the GPS. The response SMS which contains the present location details of the GPS could be used to create a GeoFence around it. Any movement now of the GPS would initiate alert messages being sent to the linked mobile devices.

The only drawback of the GeoFence boundary configuration process in the Amber Alert GPS is the need for a web-enabled mobile. As mentioned the SMS alert that is received has no relevance unless pasted into a web browser.  Sites like Google Earth and the underlying engines that run the site are the only ones that can decipher these SMS alert details into comprehensible details for the mobile screen.

The other drawback of the GeoFence system on the Amber Alert device is that it indicates exit from the GeoFence area without any means to indicate entry into a GeoFence area. These along with the lack of an easy method of defining the GeoFence area are the main drawbacks of the Amber Alert GPS.

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For $199 the features that you get like an assisted GPS that is equally effective both indoor and outdoor or the SiRF’s high performance Star III GPS receiver is all but a bargain deal. Added to this is the important feature of 48 hours battery life of this GPS, which assures at least 24 hours of continuous usage makes this child tracking device an absolute steal.

Its monthly subscription charges ranging from $20 to $50 is similar to the charges levied by other GPS services that use both the cellular as well as GPS technologies.

On the flip side though, one of the major drawbacks of this GPS child locator is the way it allows all other operations to be carried out only by way of SMS. This is specially noted while setting up the GeoFencing boundary for the device.

It is also its SMS enabled control feature that makes Amber Alert inappropriate for corporate application to keep track of a large fleet. Its lack of Internet or phone reporting system is another area where Amber Alert scores negative points as many will like to have in this device the facility of viewing location reports by way of Internet-enabled smart phone. However, having said so, there’s no way anyone can deny the convenience this child tracking device can be to parents at an affordable price that it comes at.

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