Biggest Loser’s Jilian Michaels Lawsuit Over Fraud Weight Loss Diet Pills

Jillian Michaels is known for her no holds bar attitude when it comes to gym. She helps in fulfilling the dreams of many obese individuals to achieve sexier body. Her main goal is to drop massive amount of weight from her obese pupils. But suddenly, this fame is in the bridge of destruction as one obese woman is now seeking for a class-action for a lawsuit towards this celebrity endorser, Biggest Loser’s trainer Jillian Michaels.

The lawsuit is for the diet supplement that Jillian was endorsing, the “Quickstart”. Her Quickstart is a rapid weight loss system with a two-supplement program that offers calorie control and the maximum fat burning solution. The supplement is said to suppress your craving and assist the fat-burning process in the body. But all of these amazing features were questioned as a law suit has been filed over Jillian Michaels.

The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles by Christie Christensen. Christie claimed that the diet supplement Jillian was endorsing did nothing to curb her appetite or even helped her to eliminate a single pound in her body. The root of the lawsuit is because of the product slogan stating that “Two Capsules before Main Meals and You Lose Weight”. The woman is suing the product and Jillian for that said statement. Basic Research was also involved in the lawsuit. The woman is trying to prove that Jillian knows that taking two pills before meal time will not make any person lose weight.

Christensen’s suit was in behalf of all the California residents who bought Michaels’s diet supplement. The overall complaint also name Thin Care International as a defendant, which produces the diet supplement and Basic Research, which is responsible for the marketing of the product.

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This lawsuit proves that a lot of overweight people still want to lose weight faster. They are being swept away by this advertisement that uses popular celebrities to deceit the public, and did not do their own homework, which is to do the research on the supplement whether or not it is medically backed and clinically proven. The sad thing about this issue is that celebrities are not aware that they can affect and endanger people’s lives with their statement.

It is always better to lose weight naturally by eating healthy foods, proper exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. Healthy and sexier body is achieved through hard work and discipline. Weight loss supplements cannot make miracles, but definitely CAN help if they have been clinically proven, like the 100% natural, organic, Proactol.

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13 Responses

  1. Diet pills are not really the true solution for an effective and quick weight loss. Exercise and a healthy diet are still the two best things you can stick to when trying to lose weight.

  2. Acai Optimum says:

    This is interesting. I guess the obese lady didn’t work out as much.

  3. New York liposuctions says:

    It’s also a shame that many people trying to lose weight still don’t realize that the only way to do so effectively is proper diet, exercise and rest.Yes,that’s also true that some pills are not guaranteed for weight loss programme.People’s are using the concern pills without knowing its benefits and side-effects.

  4. It’s a great blog.Very critical but very nice information man. Keep up the good work and keep posting the cool information.Very clear and useful for a newbie like me.Thanks a lot.Keep blogging.

  5. Tamara says:

    This woman is lucky that the diet pills she used didn’t work. Many of these pills can be very dangerously effective. One in particular that I’m trying to get the word out about is the clenbuterol weight loss drug. My daughter was killed by this drug, and despite its deadly side effects, it’s becoming very popular.

  6. This is not a real shock. She doesn’t have any qualifications to be creating products, and really she is just there for the name. But this is dangerous stuff. Let this be a warning to consumers.

  7. Cho Yung Tea says:

    yes it’s right….. diet pills are not solutions of increased weight …we should go for exercise and dieting…these are good and effective method….. i love to do exercise in morning…..

  8. Sencha tea says:

    good story. My advice is – Don’t have just the standard three heavy meals a day. Eat little and eat often. That way your body can easily digest the food you eat.

  9. acai berry weight loss says:

    okay, people need to learn that there is not a magic cure all pill for weight loss and they will need to workout and follow a sensible diet to see any results from any weight loss supplement.

  10. Mark says:

    I agree, there is no magic bullet. It takes exercise, diet, and a will to lose, before you can lose weight. An appetite suppressant pill is not going to do anything by itself.

  11. Bob Smiley says:

    So many people are caught with easy love, easy weight loss, just easy. Wen the true rewards come from hard work and dedication. Self love, self care and self initiative. What more can be said.

  12. This is interesting; and probably about time someone announced to the community that some of these pills are just little pills, nothing more.

  13. Why would someone greatly rely on diet pills if they can just do it naturally!

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