Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Doctor

A woman engaging in a freewheeling conversation with her doctor is something that was quite unheard of even a few decades ago, with the husband usually pitching in to do the talking on behalf of his wife. However, things are no longer the same now, or is it?

Doctors making house calls is becoming rare, though a meaningful dialogue between them and female patients is yet to become a common feature. We have the following to suggest; to compile a list of questions that the female patients can bring along on the day of her appointment. And at the top of the questionnaire, the following five questions should find a place.

1. Is there any chances of herbal remedies or supplements to interfere with the regular prescription medicines?

This is what most women patients are reluctant to discuss about, like they may be taking Glucosamine to keep a cap on that nagging knee pain, or increasing the amount of Vitamin C intake to keep the common cold at bay, despite the fact that supplements can and do have an impact on the effectiveness of prescription medicines. Calcium pills have been known to interfere with medicines used to treat thyroid while general supplements can null the effectiveness of birth control pills. And the doctor won’t be in a position to discuss the many possible interactions if you don’t speak up about the supplements that you are ingesting on a regular basis.

2. Is this mole normal?

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer to be detected in the US. However, things can be a lot simple and safe if any suspicious looking spot on the skin is treated early on. And all of this can happen if such spots are brought to the notice of the doctor in time. It takes just a few minutes for your doctor to carry on a preliminary examination of your skin from head-to-toe. But since most doctors exclude this as part of their routine examination, this can happen only if you specifically ask for it.

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3. What is the level of my cholesterol?

Heart disease has been found to be the single largest factor to cause death among women. In fact, according to the American Heart Association, more women fall prey to heart disease than men each year and has been found to be more fatal than the next five diseases put together, though only about 20% of the doctors may be aware of this fact. However, the good news is that coronary disease can be prevented with medications and enough lifestyle modifications. And a blood test to reveal your cholesterol levels is the best thing to start off with, which should include the HDL or good cholesterol level as well as the LDL or bad cholesterol levels. This should give you a good idea of where you stand as far as cholesterol levels are concerned.

4. When is the best time to undergo colonoscopy?

According to estimates put forward by the American Cancer Society, colon cancer has come to effect more women than ever before, which negates the belief that it’s a men’s disease. Fortunately, the disease is fully curable and is safe if detected early enough. And the best way to detect cancer of the colon is through colonoscopy. For this allows the doctor to have the best possible view of the inside of your colon to detect any growth that may turn out to be cancerous. This procedure is all the more vital for women above 50 who are particularly prone to colon or rectal cancer.

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5. Is it necessary to have the HPV vaccine?

The Human Papilloma Virus or HPV is the root cause of almost all cases of cervical cancer. To counter this, the HPV vaccine, which is a recent development, has been found to be specifically suitable for girls of the age group of 9 to 26 years. The vaccine has proved effective if administered before being exposed to HPV types 6, 11, 16, and 18. However, the vaccine may still be effective even if the patient has already been infected with HPV since it will at least prevent being infected from the four types of virus that the vaccine covers.

The next time you are visiting your doctor for your annual check up, do keep in mind that it’s after all your health, and who better to take care of it than yourself. And it would be utter foolishness if you do not open up or speak out your mind in front of the doctor. For it may well turn out to be a matter of your life and death.

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  1. This post brings great awareness among user to know the certain things which are beneficial at early stages that for issues,concern the doctor and take help.The Human Papilloma Virus or HPV is the root cause of almost all cases of cervical cancer. To counter this, the HPV vaccine, which is a recent development, has been found to be specifically suitable for girls of the age group of 9 to 26 years.I like the concern points which should be take mind for the best health awareness.

  2. ChristineWithRegence says:

    We also shouldn’t be afraid to ask “Why?” and “How much?” Check out this fun, short video.

  3. moon123 says:

    It is really very important to consult with doctor and discuss about our problems and need to ask queries as you mention that cholesterol level is always check and we need you know about the reference values and understand the risk factors.

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    I have found informative piece of writing here. Thanks for it.

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