Zinc Rich Foods For Fertility

Zinc is one of the most widely studied nutrients in connection with fertility, and studies prove there is a connection. Zinc is an essential component of genetic material, and its main role is to attract progesterone and oestrogen, both hormones responsible for reproduction. Zinc is a ‘pregnancy’ mineral, and besides being beneficial if you are on a journey of trying to get pregnant, there are other advantages that zinc can offer.

Zinc is one of the most important minerals and it is the one that plays a vital role for the protein synthesis. Its benefits include proper functioning of immune system and improvement of stress control, stabilization of blood sugar and diabetes control, zinc improves energy metabolism, may reduce acne and improves wounds healing. It also offers other benefits, such as healthier hair growth and reduces problems with eczema or frequent colds. Zinc may also promote weight loss, as well as reduce appetite loss; it may improve your eye sight and reduce night blindness.

As already mentioned above, Zinc is one of the most important components of genetic material. When people have problems with zinc deficiency, they are potentially exposed to chromosome changes that consequently contribute to problems with fertility and even increased risk of miscarriage during the first few months of pregnancy.

Scientists most often connect zinc to male fertility for a good reason. Zinc is found in healthy sperm and is the mineral responsible for creation of a healthy sperm cell. Zinc deficiency causes male infertility, and even reduced amount of zinc in diet may sperm abnormalities, such as reduced sperm count and abnormalities in sperm motility. This is the main reason you should eat zinc rich food and consume at least 10% of recommended daily allowance of zinc in your every meal.

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Following is a list of zinc rich foods for better fertility that every man and woman should include in their diet:

Oysters are zinc rich food number one. They contain twice the amount of zinc an average adult needs in his or hers diet. Besides zinc, oysters are a great source of selenium, proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. If you have problems with cholesterol, include them into your diet and they shall regulate your blood sugar.

Zinc top food hitting number two is shellfish – most of shellfish are great source of zinc and are also naturally low in total and saturated fat, and is very low in cholesterol. Shellfish is also rich source of omega 3 acids, minerals and proteins. Taking that into consideration, most of the times
shellfish should be included into diet if you want to have a healthy heart.

Zinc rich foods also include beef, lamb, pork, crabmeat, turkey, chicken, lobster, clams and salmon.

But, if you are a vegan or not an absolute fish lover, I assume you are not delighted with my choice of zinc top foods so far. Two top is zinc rich foods for vegans are brewers yeast and wheat germ. Brewers yeast is especially popular since it is consumed as a supplement, and gives body besides zinc several vitamins and minerals including vitamin B.

If you are a vegetarian you should pay special attention to consuming enough dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese. Many breakfast cereals are enriched with zinc and eating one portion in the morning will free your mind of zinc deficiency. Include pine nuts, pecan nuts and cashew nuts in your diet, and don’t forget brown rice, whole wheat bread, wholegrain cereals, beans and potato. Eat pumpkin seeds, since they offer one of the most concentrated non-meat food sources of zinc, and you will definitely win zinc deficiency and be on a good way to conceive a baby.

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