Res-Q 1250 – Helpful Benefits of High Potency Omega 3

Did you know that cholesterol is an evil killer? Problem begins when the liver produces too much cholesterol. There is a natural supplement that can solve this problem. A lot of recent researches found out that omega-3 have a lot of benefits to the overall health condition of patients with cardiovascular diseases. It can benefit people in all ages, young and old.

The need for a high quality supplement has been provided by a company that produces a wonderful product called the RES-Q 1250. This is a high grade omega-3 supplement that provides EPA and DHA. Every patient that are longing for a food supplement that is safe and in high quality can trust RES-Q 1250, because their product has been subjected into stringent pharmaceutical guidelines.

This supplement can ensure that your body will get its maximum supply of the nutrients coming from the omega-3 fatty acids. Professional doctors believe that fatty acid can promote brain development, rebuilding of muscles and tissues in the body. Here are other benefits that you can acquire by taking a daily dose of RES-Q 1250:

  • Lose weight – Essential fatty acids are known as good fats and these fats are needed by the body to lower down the accumulation of triglycerides, which is known as bad fats. Accumulation of triglycerides that is higher than good fats can increase cholesterol level in the body. Fatty acids are needed by the body to control the level of bad fats. In return your body will be free from fat deposit. It can allow muscle formation instead of fat.
  • Reduce complications of many diseases – Fatty acid can definitely boost the immune system of individuals with infection by providing nutrients that can armor the body from other diseases that can cause inflammation.
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Aside from these facts, it is also good to know the good and bad side of having cholesterol.

  • The good – it is not all about eating foods rich in cholesterol, but cholesterol is there due to certain problems on your arteries and veins. This problem is fixed with the use of cholesterol. As people age the veins and arteries become less flexible, it is because of stress and inadequate diet. Hard artery will start to crack as it becomes less flexible.
  • The bad – the problem begins when the liver sense this problem, it will instantly produce cholesterol. Trouble occurs, if this cholesterol goes into the blood stream making the blood coagulate. It will create plaques, and restriction of blood flow start to occur. That is the beginning of having a heart attack and stroke.

The good thing about this is that there is a solution to every problem and the best solution is by taking a food supplement with omega-3. Omega is known for having long chain fatty acid. This compound can actually prevent damages from the arteries and veins. It can naturally heal all damages  to the artery and vein causing the liver to stop producing cholesterol.

The most important thing that most of these experts say is to find the right supplement, and RES-Q 1250 is one of the perfect products with the highest potency of omega-3.

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5 Responses

  1. Omega 3’s really seem to be more beneficial then most other vitamins and minerals. It is amazing how good they are for your heart.

  2. Aside from the supplements, one also has to make sure that his or her diet is well-balanced.

  3. I take exception to your evil killer statement about cholesterol. The liver doesn’t just start making too much cholesterol on its own.

    It happens when the metabolic and immune functions of the body call for more cholesterol to do repairs, especially in the cardiovascular system.

    If you smoke, drink, consume mostly processed junk food, gain weight in the belly, indeed you will see a spike in cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure and most assuredly insulin resistance will follow shortly thereafter.

    Cholesterol is a good thing and has at least 16 functions that keep us alive. There are many superior brands of premium omega-3s. I like the product 1250 but there are less expensive alternatives. See my comparison chart.

  4. So really the problem begins with smoking, drinking, junk food, stress, etc. that is the beginning of all modern chronic illnesses.

    Omega-3s will modulate cholesterol by introducing this anti-inflammatory fat into the system, Most cooking fats are pro inflammatory. As inflammation reduce cholesterol will also reduce.

    Balance your omega-3s and supplementation is a good idea.


  5. Noni says:

    I find the article good and i apreciate the advice to search the proper suppliment of omega 3.

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