Healthy Breakfast Ideas And Tips

Breakfast is important, not just as the first food of the day.  Studies have found that when you eat breakfast, you are less likely to be obese or develop diabetes, and that what you eat for breakfast influences your food choices all day.

Eating breakfast every day is a single action that can have a huge positive effect on your health.  But a healthier breakfast that provides the energy you need is best.

1) Watch your portions.  The three parts to a good breakfast are a serving of whole grains, a serving of dairy or other calcium-rich food, and a serving of fruit.  For example, you could have a bowl of multigrain cereal with strawberries and low-fat milk.  A breakfast like this totals about 300 calories.  A serving of high-protein food, like a meat serving or one egg, is not needed, but is okay if it doesn’t add a lot of extra fat or calories.

2) Try a bowl of brown rice in place of processed cereal.  Brown rice is packed with B vitamins and fiber.  Cook the rice a day ahead.  In the morning, spoon it into a bowl with honey, cinnamon, raisins, and a diced apple.  You could also try barley, rye, millet, or other grains.

3) Make a smoothie in the blender with a cup of strawberries, a banana, a cup of crushed ice, and protein powder.  Add a cup of yogurt to this antioxidant-rich concoction for some calcium.  Plus, you’ve taken care of three daily servings of fruit.

4) Organic eggs cost only slightly more than regular eggs, and they contain significantly more omega-3 fatty acids.  Omega-3 benefits include lowering your risk of depression, as well as avoiding heart and circulatory problems.

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5) Add a teaspoon of ground flaxseed to cereal, yogurt, eggs, or your smoothie.  Along with organic eggs and fish, flaxseed is one of the best omega-3 sources.

6) Instead of butter, use a soft spread made with plant stanols.  Using only 2 tablespoons each day significantly lowers total cholesterol.

7) Have your toast with 2 tablespoons of tuna fish instead of butter, as a source of omega-3 fatty acids as well as protein.  Or try smoked salmon or lox.

8 ) Put a whole-wheat burrito and 2 ounces of grated low-fat cheddar into the broiler for three minutes.  Have an orange as well, and this breakfast provides you with vitamin C, calcium, fiber, and plenty of protein.

9) Make granola yourself, without the fat and sugar of granola from the store.  Combine 2 cups of rolled oats and a cup of dried fruit and seeds with a pinch of brown sugar.  Toast this mixture in a warm oven for 3-5 minutes.  Keep it in an airtight container.

10) Studies have found that people who eat high-fiber cereal have less fat in their breakfast and in their diet.

11) Eating half a grapefruit twice a week provides folate, which cuts your risk for a stroke.  But grapefruit and grapefruit juice can interact with some medicines, so consult your doctor first.

12) Start your day with green tea, which has both heart-health and weight-loss effects.

13) Try soy milk on your cereal.  The phytoestrogens in soy milk protect your heart and strengthen your bones.  Use soy milk that’s been fortified with calcium.

14) Have a “build-your-own” breakfast event.  Let everyone mix, match, top, and select from a variety of sliced fruits, yogurt, whole-grain cereals, and whole grain pancakes, waffles, or toast.

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15) Take your vitamins and other supplements with your breakfast.  Taking them with food lessens the chance they may upset your stomach, and helps you to absorb mineral nutrients.

16) Slice an apple and put peanut butter on the slices.  The peanut butter gives you protein and fat to start your day.  The apple, with its quercitin, gives you fiber, helps protect your heart, and guards against certain cancers.

17) Make a breakfast sandwich out of a whole-wheat English muffin, a sliced boiled egg, a slice of tomato, and some melted low-fat cheese, such as part-skim mozzarella.

18) Pound some cold cereal inside a plastic bag.  Roll a peeled banana in it for a quick breakfast, featuring potassium to reduce stroke risk.

19) Use vegetarian breakfast meats – veggie burgers, soy crumbles, or soy sausage – for lots of protein, but no saturated fat.

20) A half cup of blueberries added to cereal will provide antioxidants that help keep your brain from aging.  Or, add them to pancakes or waffles.

21) Have three cups of orange juice in the morning.  In one study, participants who drank three glasses of orange juice every day for four weeks elevated their “good” HDL cholesterol levels by 21%.  If you don’t want to drink that much OJ at once, two oranges are the equivalent.  For juice, the calcium-fortified kind is best.

22) Three times per week, have a bowl of sliced strawberries for the vitamin C.  Vitamin C helps protect your eyes from developing cataracts, among many benefits, and it’s best to get your C from foods rather than supplements.  Strawberries also contain many other antioxidants, have few calories, and have a low glycemic index to avoid blood sugar spikes.

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23) Make a smoothie with 2 kiwifruits.  According to a British study, every ounce of vitamin C-rich kiwi you consume daily lowers your risk of dying prematurely by 10%.

24) Make sure your breakfast provides 5 grams of fiber.  This will help you to reach the daily recommended goal of 15-25 grams for every 1000 calories in your diet.  Fiber fills you up without filling you with calories.  Ways to incorporate five grams of fiber could be by having one larger raw apple, a half cup of high-fiber cereal, or two slices of a whole-grain dark rye bread.

25) Top a whole-grain bagel or toast with nonfat cottage cheese and flaxseed, or with a slice of fruit with a slice of low-fat cheese melted over it.  Or, try soy butter and banana slices, or a slice of baked ham with tomato slices.

26) An ounce of dark chocolate shaved into a cup of nonfat yogurt provides calcium to help you shed pounds.  Meanwhile, the antioxidants in the dark chocolate help to clear the “bad” LDL cholesterol out of your blood vessels.

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23 Responses

  1. Breakfast, lunch and dinner doesn’t matter what we are eating but time is a matter to for keeping our self Fit…Thanks for the post..

  2. bed frame says:

    I make sure that my breakfast is loaded with carbohydrates and protein so that I can keep going the whole day. The rest of the meals are light and healthy ones. Thanks for the post.

  3. Bryan says:

    Breakfast is very important of all meals because as we see, we need energy early in the morning to fuel for the day’s work loads. So better have a healthy breakfast.

  4. John Hilroy says:

    Oh all those breakfast ideas are making me hungry, actually, what we like to do is make a banana milk shake (bananas milk soy lecithin a little sugar or honey and sometimes a good helping of peanut butter) in the morning, one Jamaican guy I knew used to put any kind of fruit in his smoothies with the addition of fresh peanuts and raw oats, he said it gave him his energy for the day. Another thing we like is to make that brown rice pudding with coconut milk cardamom, raisons cinamon, dash of salt, little extra milk or water and brown sugar or honey (buckwheat honey is great too, good on wholewheat pancakes too, killer trust me.)

  5. Breakfast is the most important meal.This post is very informative especially to many who are so busy.And I think that breakfast meal should be done at home.

  6. Andre Hartman says:

    This is an interesting post. Many people skip breakfast like it does not matter, but it actually matters the most because it starts off your day. If you have a good beginning then you will most likely have a good ending.

  7. Very good article. We should eat foods that are good sources of energy to keep up with our day. We should make sure we have a healthy and energizing breakfast to start the day.

  8. Amtico says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing tips.I totally agree with you.I also think a healthy breakfast make you healthy and protect you from all diseases.

  9. Alex says:

    Thanks for the read. Always nice to see.

    I have been brought up to always eat breakfast. I cannot understand people going to work on an empty stomach and they say it makes them feel sick in the morning. Breakfast has been shown to increase metabolism and I am stand by this and belive this is one of the reasons why I can eat and eat and still be slim.

    I eat lots of museli in the morning since it filled with lots of nutrious fruit and chopped up nuts. I have also recently replaced regualr tea with a cup of green tea with my breakfast. I usually do not like the taste in the morning so I use the lemon flavoured one 🙂

  10. Jessica says:

    I agree. I’m just too grumpy the whole day if I don’t have breakfast. It’s like PMS for me. That’s why I always make sure that I eat breakfast everyday AND a healthy one that is.

  11. Charlotte Skin Care says:

    Dose anyone agree with this plan below, I do not.

    “The No Breakfast Acne Plan”

    This plan is very simple. There are 2 versions. One is a transitional version, to help you reach the final no breakfast plan.

    Plan 1

    Upon waking, wait as long as you can until you have to leave your home before eating. Make it one of the last things you do. Take 1 type of food, and only 1 type. Oranges and grapefruit being the very best. Eat as much of this 1 fruit as you like. Then don’t take any food or drink except water until lunch time. No mid morning snacks.

    NO fruit juices! This means no pasteurized orange or grapefruit juices! The only thing that is acceptable is fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juice. Sometimes you can find these at better grocery stores.

    Plan 2

    Upon waking, drink 8-12 oz of water. Take no other food or juice. Ideally this 8-12 oz of water is the only liquid or solid you take until lunch. However, feel free to drink as much water as you feel you need throughout the morning.

  12. Annie says:

    before, breakfast for me was completely a cup of coffee and tea or a fresh fruit juice and i am ready to go. not until i found out how important breakfast can be. i am also in the brink of losing weight and i thought that skipping breakfast may hinder me from gaining more pounds (totally wrong). thanks for posting this tips, i guess i really need to improve on.

    bariatric surgery

  13. Daniel Card says:

    I make sure I have loads of protein, breakfast is my largest meal then the rest are much smaller.

  14. Anti Aging Nikki says:

    Breakfast is really vital for good health and yet so many people skip it saying they are too busy. Your article gives some great tips for fast and healthy things to eat for breakfast. I especially liked the foods that can be preapred the night before like the brown rice. Great post!

  15. I love this post. Makes me hungry. I think these recipes are easy to prepare. I’ll try some of this at home.

  16. This is a fantastic post thanks. As a Personal Trainer I spend a lot of time advising clients on how to make good nutritional choices. The mantra for any meal, but paticularly breakfast, is ‘where’s my protein?’. So if you tend to eat cereal then make sure you add a handful of seeds and nuts to this.

    The aim is to have the correct food groups in the right ratios i.e. 30% complex starchy carbs (oat flakes, wholegrain bread, 30% complex carbs (fruit) and 40% protein (nuts, seeds eggs, fish, lean meat, yoghurt or milk).

  17. Anna says:

    I go without breakfast most of the time, but I’m fine. The idea of healthy breakfast is good, but ‘no breakfast’ could be a healthier option. Visit my fasting blog to share thoughts.


  18. We all know how important it is to eat breakfast in the morning, but this article is one of those articles which need to be printed in high letters and glued to the fridge, as we need to respect some of the principles mentioned here daily (you know we can’t respect them all at once, no?)

  19. Jim says:

    Great article, people often neglect breakfast but it really is the most important meal of the day! Nowadays I cannot operate properly unless I’ve had a good breakfast.

  20. Tips to Healthy Living says:

    It is vital that you review your eating habits on a regular basis. Eating rich creamy food and puddings frequently is unhealthy and makes you feel tired and restless. Start to build a collection of new recipes that are low in fat and high in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

  21. Sam Orchard says:

    I’m very guilty of not bothering with breakfast – I need to get into a better routine. At least I’ve got something to get started with now!

  22. Just like what they say, during breakfast eat like a king, lunch eat like a queen and dinner eat like a prince/princess. Every meal is very important, but we have to choose what we eat if we want to be healthy. I know its hard, but we need to develop a sense of self control and discipline.

  23. Brainalin says:

    Great article. I’m glad I found this website. I have been looking for healthier ideas to improve my diet but had a hard time finding something useful. It seems that most recipe websites are concentrated on foods that taste good but are not necessarily good for you. Thanks again…

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