Simple Ways To Improve Your Health This Year

Excessive sweating during exerciseYou can be healthier, feel younger, more energized, and more confident in just five steps.  Read on to learn how.

1. Stay away from cigarettes

Everybody is aware that smoking is a major health hazard.  It kills you slowly and reduces your life expectancy.  Aside from increasing your risk for lung cancer, you also become extremely susceptible to other smoking-related diseases.  It does not matter whether you only smoke a couple of sticks a week or if you finish 2 packs a day, hundreds of thousands of people die each year in the US alone due to smoking.

Even those who do not smoke are risking their health when they are around smokers.  They should limit their contact to second-hand smoke.  More often than not, inhaling second-hand smoke is worse than you puffing on that death stick yourself. Make this your final smoke!

2. Get adequate, quality sleep

Adequate hours of sleep should go hand in hand with good quality of sleep for your body to get the benefits of a full night’s rest.  Your bedroom is your sleeping sanctuary and you should make sure that it provides rest and relaxation, nothing else.  The temperature in your bedroom should be just below body temperature, there should be limited or mellow light and sound, and you should always have clean bed clothes.

Your body needs an average of 7 hours of restful sleep every night to completely recharge itself.  It is also important to keep a regular sleeping pattern.

3. Have a healthier diet

Eating healthy is important to look and feel great, both inside and out.  First and foremost, you should reduce your sugar intake.  Small indulgences to satisfy your sweet tooth every now and then can make a difference to your overall health.

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Make sure that you always have fruits and vegetables in your diet.  These should be indispensable staples that help your body repair and maintain itself.

You should also avoid skipping breakfast.  The body needs plenty of energy to function throughout the day.  Most breakfast foods contain energy-giving nutrients like Vitamin C and D, fiber, calcium, and iron.  Additionally, if you always eat breakfast, you are less likely to snack on unhealthy foods in between meals.

4. Exercise, exercise, exercise

If you are not into going to the gym, you have plenty of other options.  The important thing is that you exercise regularly to keep your body fit and to burn the calories you consume daily so you won’t gain unhealthy, excess weight.  In addition, exercise can also help reduce your sugar cravings.

There are websites that have exercise plans you can do right in the comfort of your own home. A very good example is Fitium. You can watch videos or read articles to help you with your fitness routine.  At least ten minutes of exercise every day can be beneficial to your health.

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14 Responses

  1. smilinggreenmom says:

    This is such great advice! Our family diet has become something that I am so thrilled about sicne we eat all kinds of whole foods and refuse to eat junk anymore. We avoid processed foods, high fructose corn syrup and synthetic ingredients! We also take our daily Vidazorb probiotics to help our body process all of these healthy nutrients. We really do need to improve on the exercise part though. That is one of my weaknesses for sure and it is a goal of mine for this year!

  2. ucuz tatil says:

    exercise is really boring 🙁

  3. Bryan says:

    Great tips!Following these tips will enable you to successfully meet even your small attainable milestones.

  4. Staying away from cigarettes is obvious although so many of us fail to take that good advice. However, one of the reasons that some sports teams are able to win year in year out and others struggle isn’t just because they can afford better players – it is also that they really work at their fitness.

    Obviously that means a lot of exercise and depending on the sport, strength training as well as aerobic fitness. And as they do so much exercise they need the right fuel for their bodies and enough rest to recover from all that activity, so bang on with your article.

  5. i think the best way to improve you health is stay away from smoking (if you smoker). the number of death increase significantly year by year just because smoking. Let’s we move to healt lifestyle… 🙂

  6. man says:

    Thanks for sharing and hope every one can still keep to their resolutions.

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  8. Angelica says:

    Is true, exercising and a good diet can make you healthier an happier and be able handle daily stress much better. Is all about endorphins in the brain. If you are happy even the immunologic system of your body works better.

  9. Joel Gray says:

    We should be responsible of our health at all times, be it daily, monthly or yearly because poor health means less productivity as well. Keep fit!

  10. Bob Smiley says:

    Oh. This is so true and I am guilty of all of these behaviors. How to quit, how to get more sleep and how to eat and exercise will require me to remove myself from the life I currently know. Truly I am exploring a retreat for some months in order to regain my health and increase my life expectancy without smoking, eat badly and little or know exercise. Great initiative. Thank you

  11. How many times do we hear and read this; yet we continue to disregard our bodies and indirectly our health. I am guilty of all of these behaviors and I know that if I do not change some habits such as smoking I will leave this world in a difficult and painful manner.

  12. Ron says:

    Smoking. Oh I have seen many people sick from this horrible habit and yet we continue to smoke and place ourselves and others at risk.

  13. suspa555 says:

    Ya, whatever message have been passed in above 3 points is 100% true and implies the fact. If you want stay fit in this generation you have to follow these simple ways.

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