10 Steps To A Perfect At Home Pedicure

Luxury does not have to be associated with lucrative expense.  Every now and then, there are a few little things that we can do to ourselves to make us feel like kings and queens; a pedicure is one of those things.

Unfortunately, because of hectic schedules, this little favor that we do for ourselves often takes the back seat.  Our feet work round the clock, and these two pods deserve something better.  We don’t actually have to go to a fancy salon to get the perfect pedicure.

Here are a few things we can do to get a pedicure that is just as good!

Step 1

Give your feet a warm dip.  Put some warm water in a small basin that could accommodate both of your feet.  Cover your feet up to your ankles with the water, and soak them for a relaxing treat.

Step 2

To take your foot soak up a notch, try infusing it with some marjoram oil, lavender oil and non drying soap, or even shampoo.  This will moisturize and odorize your feet.  Leave them in for about 10-15 minutes to treat your feet well and get those hard spots and calluses soft enough.  Since you’re at home, throw in your favorite TV show or movie and have a great time.

Step 3

Smoothen up those hard and rough spots by using an oil based body scrub for exfoliation. A small amount in each sole and ankle will do the job.

Step 4

Rub away those rough spots.  Use a pumice stone to remove calluses and dead skin cells.  Rub in circles and gently, so that you don’t get breaks in the skin and end up with sore feet.

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Step 5

Vinegar is not only good for salads, by the way.  Use white vinegar to remove any discoloration from your toenails that dark nail polish may have caused.  Rub the vinegar unto your toe nails with a soft cotton ball.  If your toe nails have grown thick and yellowed, you might want to talk to a doctor because these may be signs of a fungal infection.

Step 6

Hang nails can be an agony.  Make sure to clip your nails in a straight rather than rounded fashion to avoid hang nails.  Use a sharp clipper, and a nail file to file away any uneven edges.

Step 7

Orange or cuticle sticks may be used to groom your nails even more.  Push back overgrown cuticles to make your nails look neater.

Step 8

Polish your nails with a buffing block.  This will make your nails shiny, remove roughness, and nail rippling.

Step 9

Applying nail color can be a difficult choice.  Choose the color that would match most of the things that you wear, apply the first coat, and when this dries, add another coat.  When both coats are dry, move on to applying a final coat of clear polish to prolong the life of your nail color.

Step 10

When you are done with your nails, give your feet a massage.  Use thick moisturizing cream, vitamin E based oil or your home made foot massage oil blend.  Put on a pair of socks for moisture retention and leave these overnight.  When you wake up, you will have feet with skin as soft as a baby’s.

These tips can give you the same things that a foot spa experience can give you without having to sacrifice valuable work time.  You only need carefully selected products to give your feet the treat they need at the end of a busy day; what’s more, you also have feet that are ready to show off all the time!  This will get your pedicurist off your case!

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