Living A Healthy Lifestyle Post-Hysterectomy

These days, the level of stress and pollution in our midst necessitates living a healthy lifestyle just to keep up, what more if you just had a major surgery like hysterectomy.

Post-hysterectomy, health concerns such as weight gain, irritability and not being able to sleep well might suddenly become an issue.

Fortunately, a regular regimen of exercise and proper diet can help you control your weight, de-stress and protect you from diseases often associated with weight gain and poor nourishment.

More importantly, if you have been identified as a candidate for hysterectomy, you should seriously consider living a healthy lifestyle as part of your pre-surgery preparations.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle Pre-Hysterectomy

Whether you are trying to lose weight or to re-sculpt your body, the formula is the same. Eat less, move more. Add to that building more lean muscle mass through resistance training and you have the perfect recipe for starting a healthy lifestyle. The same goes for hysterectomy candidates.

Prior to hysterectomy, patients who went on a diet and exercise program to prepare their minds and bodies responded better to post surgery hormonal and emotional changes.

So if you are scheduled to have a hysterectomy, you might want to follow some tips we have listed down to help you reduce your stress and improve your health.

To Eat to Live:

Go green… and yellow and orange and red – load up on vegetables and fruits in these color palettes. They are proven to be the best source of vitamins and antioxidants to boost your immune system.

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Choose whole-grains – opt for whole grains for your rice, cereals or pasta. Whole grained varieties have the highest fiber content and would be more beneficial for your diet than regular rice, cereal or pasta.

Reconsider your fat sources – as much as possible avoid trans fats and saturated fats from margarine, butter, fried foods and cream-based salad dressings. Choose fish over meat as a protein source.

Load up on calcium – fight the occurrence of brittle bones by getting at least 1,200 mg of calcium daily either from milk or calcium supplements. Add vitamin D to optimize calcium absorption.

To De-Stress:

Re-assess your priorities – identify the things (or the people) you really cannot live without and vow to enjoy them more.  As they say, life is short so make sure you live it to the fullest.

Stop and smell the roses – learn to relax by appreciating the simple things around you. If needed, practice meditation or learn some relaxation techniques you can surely benefit from.

Have more of what inspires you or gives you joy – curl up with a good book or a beloved pet or simply have some quiet time to yourself to pray or revel in fond memories.

Exercise or take up a new sport – exercise or any other vigorous physical activity not only builds up your health and speeds up your metabolism, but it releases endorphins as well to make you feel good.

Do your poses – Yoga poses that is. If you prefer Pilates, that would work too. Both activities would limber you up and give your muscles and ligaments a good stretch.

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