How To Get A $200 Celebrity Workout For Less Than $15

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Get you own gym membership now and get a chance to work out like a celebrity as trainer Ramon Branganza shares the easy to follow 40 minute workout at home with Jessica Alba and Hally Berry. Follow this special program four times a week and you’ll see the amazing result.

10 Minute Cardio Workout – two minutes jog, 6 minutes hard run and two minutes jog

Strength training 1 – 20 reps for three rounds using 3 pound dumbbell

  • Forward lunge together with biceps curl: Curl the weights upward as you step your feet forward. Let go of your arms down back to the original position. Do it alternately with both legs.
  • Reverse Fly’s: Step your one leg forward, bend forward with your waist, and let your arms hang. Move your arms up, slightly rounded until they are in line with the shoulders. Don’t forget to switch your legs every 10 reps.
  • Lateral raise: Stand straight with arms at the side, move arms out to the side aligned with the shoulder.

5 Minute Cardio – Do an alternate routine of 30 second jogging and sprinting

Strength Training 2 – 20 reps for three rounds using 3 pound dumbbell

  • Squat with Shoulder Press: Do a squat position and press arms up over the head with palms forward.
  • Chest Press: Do a lying position with your back on a bench or a pillow, extend arms above the chest with palms forward touching the dumbbells. Move your arms lower until weights are aligned with the chest, then press back up.
  • Triceps Dips: Make a sliding position on a chair with your arms on the edge behind you, move downward until your arms are at a 90 degree angle.
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5 Minute Cardio – 30 seconds jog, 4 minutes hard run, and 30 seconds jog

Core Workout – 1 round of 30 reps

  • Reverse Crunches: Do a lying position with knees up to the chest and your hands under your butt, straight your legs upward, contract your abs, and lift hips.
  • Bicycle Crunches: Do a lying position with arms under the head, legs upward and bent to 90 degrees. Bring your right elbow to left knee and left elbow to right knee.
  • Plank: Hold your crunches for 20 to 30 seconds.

Overall – Just spend 15$ for two 3 pound dumbbells.
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By Squires Fitness for Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine

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