Bowel Movements – The Scoop On Poop

It is not common to make a discussion on this in our daily conversation. Sometimes we associate it with funny terms like caca, doo- doo and poop. But there are important questions on gastrointestinal health that should be answered to give you some important information.

Information On Poop

Bowel movement is the end product of all the essential nutrients and minerals after the process of digestion and eliminating waste product that does not needed by the body. Elimination of waste product is one of the most important processes because it is the natural way to excrete waste material from the body.

The most important thing is you feel comfortable every time you eliminate excess waste. Aside from this it is essential to know about the digestion process to be able to identify the normal and abnormal bowel movement.


Everybody has a unique bowel movement frequency. It depends on the persons comfort ability to excrete his waste inside the body. The average bowel movement is once or twice a day, but many do more or less. You don’t need to panic too much on your BMs.


Bowel movement is usually brown in color because of the pigment produce by the bile, our liver excrete bile for normal metabolism of fat.

They normally stays inside the stomach for three days before it end up as a waste product in your toilet. Sometimes it is green in color when it stays shorter because green is the first pigment in the digestion process.

When drastic change on digestion process happens the stool can be red flag in color.

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Internal bleeding inside the intestine can cause your stool to be black in color. Ulcer or cancer can be one of the main causes of this.

Stool that is very light in color or gray can be a sign of liver problem.

Size and Shape

Size is very irrelevant in terms of normal bowel movement. Experts do not give much emphasis on size and shape of the stool.


Is it normal if you stool is too smelly? Definitely, it is true. It’s a 100% normal because of the trillions of bacteria that are working inside your gut to make you healthy.

These special kinds of bacteria improve metabolism and digestion process. They are the main reason why your stool stinks. It is a normal bacterial activity inside the gastrointestinal tract.

Common Problems About Bowel Movements

Feeling of discomfort below the waist is a sign that your G.I tract doesn’t function normally.

Diarrhea and Constipation

Some other factors can be a cause of diarrhea. But the main problem is it can evolve to other health problems like dehydration, if you let it for more than two to three days.

Constipation becomes a general concern if your bowel movement is once or twice a day and suddenly it changes from nothing for about three days. This kind of situation makes you feel uncomfortable and bloated.

Several factors can trigger constipation. Shift of diet that is lack in fiber, or decrease in water intake each day, or your bodies physical activity changes from active to sedentary lifestyle all of this changes affects your digestion and excretion of waste product.

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Bloody Stool

One of the most dreadful sign when it comes to bowel movement is having blood in your stool.

This kind of symptoms can be a sign of a dangerous health problem like cancer that needs a physician’s aid. Hemorrhoids and can also be one of the factor of bloody stool.

High fever and abdominal pain are other symptoms to watch for; any of those symptoms can tied to serious G.I problem like food poisoning, appendicitis, and virus.

Healthy G.I Tract

Healthy lifestyle and good diet is one of the key to have a better digestion process. Regular exercise and habitual intake of enough water can be very helpful.

Around 20 to 25 grams of fiber a day is recommended to have a healthy diet. Increase of dietary fiber to your meal is the easiest way to solve bowel movement trouble.

Fibrous foods like whole grain cereals and breads, fresh fruits and vegetables, and nuts can add up to you diet. A diet full of these high fiber foods can definitely get you back on track. Exercise develops your digestive motility that can eliminate constipation.

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