24 Ways To Start Your Day Right

Start Your Day RightNot everybody is a morning person.

Most people enjoy staying up late drinking or just watching their favorite movie at home with every intention of waking up as late as they possibly can the next day.

This is a bad habit that brings about a stressed mind and a stressful day.

But if you start your day right, your day will be more fruitful and fulfilling, and you won’t even think twice about missing your usual late night habits because you’ll be looking forward to another beautiful morning.

1. Keep your blinds or curtains halfway open at night when going to sleep.

When the sun rises in the morning, the natural light signals your biological clock that it’s time to wake up, by increasing your adrenaline levels and decreasing your melatonin levels.  It’s important that you allow yourself at least seven hours of sleep every night so you’ll always wake up refreshed.  Over time, you can completely rely on your biological clock instead of the shrill ringing of your alarm clock, to which you wake up in an annoyed mood.

2. Give yourself a few minutes “waking up.”

Set your alarm clock 15 minutes early so you can take your time waking up and brushing off those sleep cobwebs, instead of jumping out of bed.  While you’re lying down on your bed, you can mentally prepare yourself for your morning routine and the day ahead.  Stretching your muscles before getting up will help wake up your body and mind and get the motors running smoothly.

3. Do some minor stretching exercises.

As mentioned above, stretching will help wake up your body muscles by enhancing the flow of blood throughout your body and giving your muscles their dose of oxygen.  Try these minor stretches: while still on your back, lift your arms and reach up to stretch your fingers, hand, wrist, and arms.  Then stretch your toes, feet, ankles, and legs.  When you stand up, stretch your neck and back.  Stretching your muscles is a great way to kick off the morning.

4. Sit down on a chair under the shower for a few minutes.

Use a plastic chair to sin on under the shower while the warm/hot water beats on your back, giving you a relaxing and energizing massage.  Do this for a couple of minutes then remove the chair and finish bathing.

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5. Give yourself a “pep talk.”

While eating your breakfast and drinking your coffee, read motivational material, like a poem or a quote, to give you a positive mindset, especially after reading the newspaper or listening to the morning news.  If you start your day with a positive outlook, you will be more productive.

6. Take vitamins with your breakfast.

Multivitamins go a long way towards boosting a healthy lifestyle.  Multivitamins, aside from their nutritional value, are a great way to boost your energy, much like coffee does.

7. Avoid stressing your mind with early-morning decisions.

Devote your mornings for pure relaxation by making zero decisions.  You can accomplish this by making your plans the night before, like what you’ll wear to work, what you’ll have for breakfast, what errands to run, or how you’ll get to work, among others.  You should also stick to a morning routine as daily variations may only cause unnecessary delays and stress.

8. Take a few minutes to cuddle with your kids.

Waking up a grouchy kid early in the morning to get ready for another day at school is not a good way to start the day.  Instead of the usual early morning squabble with your kids, you can wake up your teenager by sitting on his bed and stroking his hair.  If your child is still young, you can cuddle with him and slowly wake him up with a hug and tiny kisses.  These are precious moments you should take advantage of while you can still have them.  And you ensure that you and your kid will have a nice start to both your days.

9. Listen to music.

While you are in the shower, getting dressed, or preparing your breakfast, you can relax your mind by listening to music or doing some quiet thinking.  This is a great way to energize your brain for the day ahead.

10. Wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

If you can afford it, you can buy a coffee machine that has a timer you can program to start brewing your beans at the same time every morning.  Waking up to the strong smell of coffee in the morning will energize you even before you take that first sip.  Caffeine is best taken in the morning, when your central nervous system needs a strong stimulant to increase your energy and muscular activity.  A study has shown that caffeine can improve clear-headedness, happiness, and calmness, as well as sharpen focus and thought processes, but remember to take caffeine in moderation.

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11. Don’t forget to brush your tongue.

Just brushing your teeth after you wake up does not get rid of all the bacteria that thrive in your mouth.  Say hello to minty fresh breath by brushing your tongue for at least one minute.

12. Pop a baby aspirin into your mouth everyday.

Studies have shown that one aspirin a day can reduce your risk for heart disease by half.  But don’t forget to consult your doctor first, especially if you are taking other medication, like supplements.

13. A small amount of sugar can be good for your memory.

A teaspoon or less in your coffee, or a cup of orange juice will give you enough sugar to boost your memory recall, especially for those who are in their 60s and older.  A doughnut may be too much, though.

14. Check your daily calendar.

You should have made a list of all the things you need to remember for a particular day the night before.  This way, you can simply read the calendar or white board in your kitchen to remind yourself of the errands you have to run or appointments you have to go to while you sip your morning coffee.  This is a great way to structure your day in your mind to avoid stressing over something you’ve forgotten.

15. Take 500 mg of calcium citrate.

Calcium Citrate is better absorbed by the body than calcium carbonate, which is usually found in antacids.  You should take another 500 mg before going to sleep.

16. Drink at least eight ounces of water when you wake up.

You need to replenish your liquids every morning after a whole night of fasting.

17. Make a daily checklist for your kids.

If you have kids, you can avoid chaos by making a list of all the things each kid needs to finish before leaving for school, like brushing their teeth, making their bed, preparing their school bag, and others.  You can reinforce this morning routine by taking away something, like computer or PlayStation time, if they don’t follow the list.  Additionally, you’ll be teaching your kids structure and discipline.

18. Have a catch-all basket for each family member.

You can place this by the front or back door for easy access.  This is where the keys, purse, backpack, school papers, hats, and so on can be placed so you can easily find them in the morning before leaving the house.

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19. Use separate bathrooms or take turns.

You and your partner should spend bathroom time in private.  Even if both of you are still madly in love with each other, sharing a bathroom may cause small annoyances to each of you and may result in a stressful start to both your days.

20. A quick shower may do, but be efficient.

It’s okay to take a quick shower in the morning if you already took a long and cleansing one the previous night before bed.  But for those who are not into showering at night, you can still be quick with your morning bath by using two-in-one products to save time, like a cleanser with a moisturizer, or a shampoo and conditioner combination product.  Even if you’re in a hurry, don’t forget to wash the hot spots: your groin and underarms.  Just don’t skip out on your personal hygiene.

21. Have an emergency outfit ready.

Set a side a complete outfit that includes socks, hose, jewelry, belt, tie, etc. that you can just grab on a morning when you wake up late.

22. Dry yourself off with more efficiency.

Use a large, 100 percent cotton bath sheet to towel yourself dry.  Squeeze the excess water from your hair and towel it off too, and let it air-dry while you put on your make up.  If you can, blow-dry your hair using a high-energy hair dryer, one with at least 1,600 watts.

23. Do your exercises in the morning.

This will give you a boost of energy to get your day started, releasing endorphins that will last for most of the day.  Additionally, you will be more likely to stick to your exercise regimen if you get it out of the way first thing in the morning; then, you won’t spend all day thinking up excuses to skip your routine.

24. Give away kisses.

Don’t forget to kiss each and every member of your family, including your pets, before you or they leave the house.  This is a positive habit that will never fail to start your day right because you’ll always be reminded of the good things you have in your life.

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3 Responses

  1. TigerTom says:

    I find a bit of exercise is key. Really perks you up.

  2. Bryan says:

    A fresh start makes a good day! So, make up your day in the morning. Breath, live and be happy! Thank you for posting!

  3. I just love the suggestion of cuddling the kids. When I cuddle my grandchildren it gives me so much energy. It is one of the most refreshing things to do in the morning and as often as possible all day long.

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