Mantras To Ease Stress Level

Mantras To Ease Stress LevelMantras or Mantrams are mystical words, phrases or syllables with spiritual meanings that may help reduce a person’s stress level during meditation. It is believed to help people cope with wide range of problems including anxiety, stress from road traffic and work, insomnia and unwanted thoughts. Just like a pause button of some sort for the mind.

The practice of Mantra is actually a very ancient tradition that’s been used in every spiritual practice but is matter of fact non-sectarian and not exclusive for religious people alone. On our modern day and busy age where people can’t even make time for stress-management, using mantras can be a stress reduction technique since it is personal, portable, inexpensive, nontoxic and invisible.

An Instrument of Thought

  • Buddhism: Om mani padme hum
  • Hinduism: Rama rama (Mahatma Gandhi’s mantra)
  • Judaism: Shalom (peace)
  • Islam: Subhanallah walhamdulillah walailahaillallah wallahuakbar
  • Native Americans tradition: O waken tanka (o great spirit)
  • Christianity: “Lord, Have mercy on me” or “Hail Mary” or “maranatha” (means “Lord of the heart” from the ancient Aramaic language)

Deciding on your personal mantra depends on which words or phrases that ignites happiness to your thoughts by merely hearing it. Also, take into consideration that the mantra should allow you to go deeper and tap inner spiritual resources.

“Sweet harmony” and “take it easy” are examples of mantras not associated to any particular tradition.

The Mantra Routine

You can say your mantra silently or out loud throughout the day until nightfall. There’s no strict time frame or schedule to follow in saying your mantram – once, twice or even for a whole twenty minutes. Either you’re undergoing a stressful hour at the office or even during calmer moments while driving on your way home.

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Mantra helps you to slow down the pacing of your thoughts and allows you to live in the present moment, which grants you the ability to further concentrate on a particular task and develop a compassion for what you are doing. It is a reliable tool to calm an overactive mind.

Counting the Words

By nature, we human beings are spiritual creatures who believe in having a body, a mind, and a spirit regardless if we’re aware of it or not.

Majority of the people who practice mantra often stumble the same roadblock due to the word “mantram”. In aid to this issue, we call it a comfort word or we say it’s a prayer word in respect to the religious participants. Mantram allows you to become aware those inner spiritual resources to quiet ones mind.

Transitory Distraction

Using mantra doesn’t guarantee total distraction from stress.

It takes considerable amount of patience and lots of practice before the technique could have an intense manifestation to a persons ability to concentrate and most of all practice with consistency. It is a way of pacifying your mind, to help attain the state of stillness and inner calm, thus creating a healthy body and clear mind.

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