15 Most Amazing Facts About The Human Body

Human Body FactsThis article brings together some amazing facts – fifteen to be precise – about the human body that perhaps were previously unknown to many out there. They have been carefully compiled, so if you are eager to know more about the fifteen most amazing things about our own bodies, just read on.

1. The skin is the largest organ of the human body, spanning roughly about 1.9m² or 20 sq.ft. in an adult male. Another characteristic of the skin is that it constantly flakes away, so that a person sheds about 18 kgs or 40 lbs of skin in a lifetime.

2. The testicle of a man produces 10 million new sperm cells each day. That is enough to restore the entire world’s population in just 6 months.

3. About half-a-million egg cells constitute the average female ovaries, though just about 400 of them ever get the chance to create a new life.

4. Human bone is comparable to granite when it comes to supporting weight. In fact, a matchbox-sized block of bone can support a mammoth 9 tonnes, which is 4 times the weight that concrete can support.

5. The digestive acids present in our stomach are strong enough to dissolve zinc. However, the good thing is that the cells lining the stomach wall renew themselves at a rate that is faster than what it would take for the acid to dissolve them.

6. It is about 100,000 times that the focusing muscles of our eyes move everyday. A daily walk of around 80 km or 50 miles is what is required to give our leg muscles the same amount of workout.

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7. The combined heat given off by the average human body in just 30 minutes is enough to bring to a boil half a gallon of water.

8. There are over 300,000 million capillaries or tiny blood vessels inside the lungs. Taken another way, they would stretch for 2400km or 1500 miles if laid end to end.

9. A postage stamp sized foreskin sourced from circumcised babies takes just 3 weeks to grow skin that can cover 3 basketball courts. Fortunately for us, the laboratory grown skin comes in handy for treating burn patients.

10. It is about 50 tonnes of food and 50,000 liters or 11,000 gallons of liquid that a person in the west will consume on an average in his lifetime.

11. As many as one million individual filters constitute each kidney, together filtering about 1.3 litres or 2.2 pints of blood every minutes and can expel about 1.4 liters or 2.5 pints of urine each day.

12. It is our eyes through which we receive virtually 90 percent of all the information that reaches us, making us to be basically visual creatures.

13. The time taken for each finger and toe nail to grow from base to tip is 6 months.

14. The human body tends to grow by about 8mm or 0.3in during sleep. This gain in height is however temporary, only to shrink back to the original size the next day. The reason for this behavior is that the force of gravity acts to squeeze the cartilages like sponge during standing or sitting.

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15. Just 60 seconds is what it takes for a single human blood cell to make one complete circuit of the entire body.

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