MSG And Aspartame Excitotoxicity – A Deadly Taste

Don’t we all just love munching on junk foods?

The next time you are in the grocery store, try stopping by the junk food lane and observe how it is considerably one of the busiest lane next to the cosmetic products. The salty flavor and rich cheese coloring are just to die for.

Actually, you just might get that wish!

MSG which stands for Monosodium Glutamate is one of the harmful ingredients used by big business food processing companies to make cheap foods taste better. Mind you, MSG is too affordable which works to the advantage of these scheming companies. Cheap Food plus Cheap Flavoring is equivalent to Big Bucks of Revenue and the underlying product of severe health damage. This is the true formula behind this deadly flavoring that you just can’t get enough with.

Another flavor additive is the aspartame, which is a harmful artificial sweetener disguised in many food items like diet soda, sugar free sports drink and other sugar free processed food products, yogurt, instant breakfasts, candies and so on.

As a result of this growing awareness among consumers, those scheming companies came up with aliases for MSG like aspartame (MSG’s primary ingredient) and aspartic acid among others, in order to gain back their confidence with the product.

Even your favorite restaurants aren’t spared from the deception. Their chef’s may not patronize the use of dangerous additives, but the soups, gravies and all liquids containing MSG or aspartame guarantees rapid overload of excitotoxins than other forms of tainted food.

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Not Too Exciting Facts of Excitotoxins

Excitotoxins are amino acids that carry the communication between nerves in the brain triggering or preventing an impulse in the receiving cell. In other words it sends excitement signals to the brain. But too much intake of excitotoxin causes absolute exhaustion whereas brain neurons eventually die.

The body has existing glutamate receivers around your body that acts as a natural defense mechanism fighting off glutamate and other forms of toxins. However in some cases, the body has a dysfunctional defense mechanism that prevents the glutamate receptors from coping with excessive intake of MSG, which will eventually lead to a dramatic negative physical reaction.

Fighting Excitotoxins the Natural Way

Magnesium in general is important to overall health apart from blocking glutamates from overloading the body’s receptors. Supplemental forms of magnesium are absorbed by the blood faster if it is easily dissolved in water. Green leafy vegetables, whole grains, beans and nuts contains high amount of magnesium. In addition it protects against strokes and heart attacks.

Apart from preventing Alzheimer’s, Ginko Biloba also functions as protective shield against excitotoxicity.

The ultimate anti-excitotoxin is fish oils that are rich in Omega 3 blocking off excitotoxins while simultaneously repairing cellular damage.

Selenium is another knight that naturally protects the glutamate receptors in our bodies. Brazil nuts are abundant providers of selenium.

Red Clover dramatically reduces brain cell neuron damage. This herb is conveniently available as leaves for tea, in tinctures, liquid extracts, and capsules. Plus it is less expensive than the usual remedies.

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And lastly, Zinc which helps the glutamate receptor channels from too much absorption of excitotoxin.

Detoxification from Excitotoxin

Your best defense from aspartame and excitotoxins is avoidance. The next time you try and eat anything, take the initiative to review the ingredient composition label for such additives. Patronize companies who uses safe sugar substitute like stevia.

Surprisingly, MSG is disguised with several favorable terms by giving an end product of toxic free glutamate like hydrolyzed vegetables (e.g., soy protein) natural flavor, artificial flavor, spice, casseinate digest, yeast extract among others.

There are several nutrients that can enhance your detoxification.

Milk Thistle helps the liver eliminate all toxins.

An extract taken from turmeric called Curcumin is an extremely powerful antioxidant that enhances bile flow, inhibits cancer growth and repairs DNA enzymes.

In between meals you may take Taurine, a sulfur-containing amino acid that aids the liver.

Other beneficial nutrients include vitamins B1, vitamin B6, vitamins C and vitamin E.

Once you stop ingesting poisonous sweeteners to your body, it is very important to try and keep an optimistic view of the situation. Congratulate yourself because you are now taking good care of yourself and beginning a healthy lifestyle habit.

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