Donate by Losing Weight: A Fun-Racing Event by Fresh Air Fund

Mind sharing to charity by shedding off some weight?

Yes! It is possible to get rid of your flabby abs and shed those extra pounds on your body while at the same time help children from disadvantaged communities in New York City by joining the Fresh Air Fund-Racer Team’s event dubbed as “New York City Half-Marathon“.

Fresh Air Fund - Marathon 2008

After the success of last year’s NYC Half-Marathon as Presented by Nike, Fund-Racers are once again summoned on August 16th 2009 to gather-up on the track and get ready on their marks for yet another fun and fruitful activity for the children of Fresh Air Fund.

The Fund-Racer Team is also calling out to companies who would be glad to sponsors this summer’s major event and help carry out the campaign for free and fun summer vacations to New York City’s less fortunate children.

Apart from raising funds, this fun-run also promotes healthy lifestyle awareness to all its participants. We all have heard the story behind running and how it has earned its popularity as a fun fitness activity that derives health benefits from as little as three 20-minute running workouts a week. So for those who are looking to lose a few pounds, running would be your best feat because it is the most effective form of exercise that will help you achieve your ideal body weight. Aside from the health benefits running imparts, there are also many psychological benefits to a regular running program, which includes the confidence and character that running builds, the stress relief, and the attitude boost. Oh, and let’s not forget the runner’s high, that you get while striding ahead, beating past the air, refreshing the mind and the heart completely.

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Running maybe painful, tedious and exhausting but undeniably, it is the key to staying in shape, building muscle, strengthening your bones and is an excellent all over body workout. Knowing that our bodies are in great shape sure is a fulfilling achievement, and it would even be greater to see a smile on the innocent faces of those children who’ll benefit from our participation in the Half-Marathon Fund-Racer event.

So what else are you waiting for? Sign up now and gear on your running shoes as we all race towards the finishing line of healthy lifestyle and providing happiness to the younglings of our generation.

To support this fantastic event of Fresh Air Fund, confirm your registration today and visit Start spreading the word to your community, family and friends and encourage them to join the Fund-Racer Team.

Fresh Air Fund - Children

For more details, please contact Kate Brinkerhoff through or call (800) 367-0003 ext 8890.

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