Things To Consider Before Having Cosmetic Surgeries

Cosmetic SurgeryWhen you decide to go for a cosmetic surgery, it certainly isn’t an easy decision. You have to consider a lot of pros and cons of the matter. In fact, since it is a decision of a lifetime, you should be able to justify your stance and not regret it later on. Here is a guide which will enlist the things you should know before going for cosmetic surgery.


The first thing that you need to know before going for cosmetic surgery is whether you will be able to afford it or not. The cost of cosmetic surgery depends on the procedure you are going to use and on what area. Also the cost varies from patient-to-patient according to its medical conditions


Once you know you can afford the surgery make sure that you have enough time to run to the clinics for your check ups and pre and post surgery. There will be a number of visits required before your surgeon makes sure that you are ready for the surgery so you should have enough time.

Right Reason

You should have a valid reason for opting for a cosmetic surgery. It has been seen that people feeling about their looks and considering it a major reason in their relationships and endeavors prefer to get cosmetic surgery and these are the ones who tend to regret later on. Thus make sure you have the right reason to get cosmetic surgery done.

No Guarantee

There is no guarantee of how long the results would last after cosmetic surgery. Lots of people go for cosmetic surgeries again and again because they are no longer satisfied with the results. Study reveals that time the results last depend on the procedure used and lifestyle of patient. Remember results of cosmetic surgery are not permanent.

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In case you are suffering from heart diseases, blood pressure or cholesterol problems, you should give a second thought to the cosmetic surgery. It is important that you should complete all pre-surgery tests to ensure that your body can handle the surgery procedure.

Ability to handle criticism

Since your family and loved ones have been watching you closely you can expect mixed reactions from them after surgery so you should be able to handle compliments as well as criticism.

Choosing Surgeon

You must ensure that the surgeon as well as the surgery centre has a good track record in conducting surgeries. Ask for before and after pictures of patients from your surgeon. Check the credentials of your surgeon to assure that he is qualified to handle the surgery


Taking feedback of people who have undergone cosmetic surgery from the same place will help you reconsider your decision and help you in making a good decision.


Match your expectations with the reality. Cosmetic surgery should be used only for improvement and not for perfection. Don’t expect to have unrealistic changes after your surgery.

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  1. I’m on the conservative side when it comes to surgeries, even oral surgeries. Pregnant women, psycho-pain, these are all reasons to wait with the surgery. Unless the pain becomes unbearable.

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