Be Organized – Unclutter Your Life

Clutter, it is a common inconvenience to most of us.  We have drawers filled with old notes and books from college, old receipts and bills.  We still have our children’s old toys that they have already outgrown filling boxes in our attic or garage.  Sometimes, we can even feel so cluttered mentally that it becomes almost impossible to focus on anything.

It doesn’t matter whether we work from home or in an office, our clutter follows us everywhere.  We feel so frustrated and angry when we can’t find things.  And this frustration in turn makes us unproductive.

We look around and see someone whose papers are stuffed carelessly into their file holders.  We can immediately judge what a person’s car or home office looks like based on simply seeing that person’s bag.  Clutter spills over into all aspects of our life.   We don’t realize that we can’t escape it; we have to start organizing instead.

Mental and physical clutter breed stress.  We lose precious time looking for items that are not where we thought they were.  Lost time means we may miss deadlines, which in turn means we may have to work longer hours.  In the end, all the clutter in our lives makes us unproductive.  How do we start uncluttering our life?

A Cluttered Mind Means Trouble

You have an endless list of things to do.  You juggle your work and family life.  You have a lot of concerns in your mind.  You have a lot of obligations to fulfill.  These are what clutter your mind.  You have to learn to let go.

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If you become aware that you are in an unhealthy situation, like being stuck in a dead-end job, you have to be determined to change this situation.

If you feel that somebody in your life is always bringing you down with their negative attitude, you have to figure out how you can cut or minimize your relations with this person.  You would need to be firm in your resolve to eliminate the negative stuff from your life.  But you will get more fulfillment from focusing on the people and things that do matter and make you happy after all the clutter is gone.

Organize Your Work Space

Your work space should work for you if you are to be productive.  It does not matter if you work from a home office or a cubicle in an office building, you won’t be successful if you are surrounded by chaos.

A junk drawer or a messy desk every now and then is very different from clutter that is completely taking over your space, and your work.  You have to scale down.

When uncluttering your work space, you have to determine what you need to keep, what you should shred, and what you can throw away.  Sort all your stuff and store important documents using file folders, ring-notebooks, or magazine sorters.  Be creative and use coffee mugs and decorative boxes to hold your small supplies like paper clips, tacks, pens, and business cards.

Vertical wall spaces are great storage solutions for organizing your stuff.  Piling your papers one on top of another make it difficult for you to keep track of the bills you have to pay or messages you need to return.  Instead of piles, you can store your bills in a hanging bin on your wall, hang your keys on a hook, and keep your magazines in wall hangers.  This way, everything is easy to access and keep track of.

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Take Out Those Clothing Skeletons.

Your number one consideration should be, “Do I really need this?”  You would have to be realistic.  Uncluttering your closet means getting down and dirty.  The first step is always the hardest to take: take everything out.  Then you can see everything you have and you can start determining the following:

1. Have you seen or worn or needed it in a year?
2. Does it still fit?
3. Does it have a lot of sentimental value to you?

    If you answered all three questions with a no, then you should get rid of this stuff.  You’ll need storage boxes or organizing bins and shoe holders if you plan to sell them at a garage sale.  You should also have extra bins and boxes for stuff that won’t be thrown away but will be moved somewhere else.  You would also need  plastic garbage bags for trash and donations.

    You should do the same procedure with your husband and children’s clothes and shoes.

    Tips to Free Your Life From Clutter

    Don’t overwhelm yourself, organize one clutter at a time.  You can just set aside a few minutes to finish one organizational project.  Bite-size work done over a few days is more manageable than tackling all your mess in one huff.

    Schedule your email checks.  Set a time each day when you would read your emails instead of checking every time one comes in.  If possible, always reply to your emails immediately instead of putting it off for later.

    Appoint a regular time and place for handling snail mail.  During this time, read your mail and sort them out immediately.

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    Avoid piling your papers.  You can save a lot of time and frustration if you have categories and storage places for your papers as soon as they arrive at your desk.

    De-clutter regularly.  This should be done not only with your work space but with every room in the house.  Don’t forget to regularly check the perishable products you have stored in your kitchen and bathroom.  If you can’t remember when you purchased something, just be safe and throw it out.

    A healthy lifestyle is an uncluttered lifestyle.   You would remember how much you enjoy your work or why you fell in love with your home in the first place after you clean out all the clutter.

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